A 2018 internal speech in which Xi Jinping highlights the revolutionary character of the Communist Party of China was published | 29.01.2023

This is a standard CPC practice: speeches given only for cadres or officials in closed settings are shared publicly months or even years later depending on the situation.
Citing Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao and Deng, Xi reviewed the history of scientific socialism and highlighted China’s importance for the continuity of the world socialist project after the Soviet collapse.
“Practice has shown that our Party is capable of leading the people not only in a great social revolution, but also in a great self-revolution of the whole Party.”
“Our Party has made important achievements over time, but the main problem is that the building of socialism in a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society like ours is an unprecedented undertaking, and there is no ready-made model to follow.”
“If socialism had not achieved the current success in China, then the practice of socialism might have to wander back into obscurity for a long time, again like a ghost wandering through the world, as Marx said.”
“Our Party has the responsibility, confidence and the ability to make greater historic contributions to the new development of scientific socialism. We must not forget that we are communists and revolutionaries and must not lose our revolutionary spirit.”

“Once a regime is established, it is not easy to maintain prosperity and lasting peace. Without reflection, vigilance and effort, even the most powerful regimes can come to the end of the road.”
“A generation does the work of a generation, but without historical perspective, without long-term vision, it cannot do the things of the moment either. The times are the questionnaire, we are the answerer, the people are the reader.”