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Chinese Professor Li Xiaoyun leading agricultural projects in Tanzania, 2015 [Kong Deji via Global Times]

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Last week, Tings Chak spoke with BreakThrough News journalist Rania Khalek about billionaires, common prosperity, private tutoring, and a growing anti-imperialist culture in China. Watch the interview (English) or listen to the podcast (Apple, Spotify).

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President Xi pledges one billion vaccines for African countries at the 8th Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC)

Meeting in Dakar (Senegal), China announces that it will donate 600 million doses, produce 400 million doses in partnership with African countries, and send 500 specialists for ten agriculture and poverty alleviation projects on the continent, among other commitments

CGTN, 30.11.2021

Africa Business, 29.11.2021

US coal exports to China (4.9 million tonnes) skyrocket +920% year-on-year in the first half of 2021

Due to diplomatic tensions, Beijing’s restrictions on coal imports from Australia have benefitted US producers – New Orleans handled 5.35 million tonnes of export-bound coal (+197%), while railcar traffic increased by 11.6% nationwide

Trains, 24.11.2021

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

China invested US $17 billion in agricultural cooperation with 86 BRI countries since 2013, with trade volume totaling US $95.79 billion last year

Chinese government initiated ten overseas agricultural demonstration cooperation zones, starting in Sudan where US $46 of 50 million pledged has been invested to develop trade platforms, cultivation bases, agricultural processing, and logistics

People’s Daily, 30.11.2021

Science and Technology

Shanghai opens exchange for trading data, considered the fuel of the 4th Industrial Revolution

Data trading in the West (US $200 billion/year) is based on possible illegal data mining by tech giants (Google, Facebook, etc.) that is hidden from users; Shanghai Data Exchange is the world’s first attempt to trade data in a regulated and transparent way

South China Morning Post, 27.11.2021

Asia Times, 27.11.2021


China’s digital music industry is the world’s second largest, expecting 50% growth to $3 billion (2024)

Unlike platforms in the Global North relying on subscriptions, Chinese platforms are free and raise revenue from live shows, ads, ticket sales, and “VIP” memberships, with online listeners (650 million) increasing 80% in the last decade

South China Morning Post, 28.11.2021

National Politics

Macao tightens regulations on casino operators, whose revenue has recovered to only ⅓ of pre-pandemic levels (US $100 million/day)

Ex-Portuguese colony overtook Las Vegas in 2006 as world’s largest gambling hub while Xi’s 2014 anti-corruption campaign targeted money laundering and capital outflows; tycoon Alvin Chau is among 11 people recently arrested for illegal gambling practices

Financial Times, 28.11.2021

Global Times, 28.11.2021

Government plans to nationalize private schools, reducing proportion of primary and middle school students from over 10% to under 5% by year-end

In May, government issued directives to prevent opening of new private schools, mandate they become non-profit, and promote education fairness in country with 190,000 private schools (12,000 primary and middle schools), educating over 56 million (⅕ of all students)

Nikkei Asia, 27.11.2021

Financial Times, 11.08.2021

China’s national civil service exam, Guokao, has a record 1.42 million participants, up 40% from last year

About 21,000 (⅔) of the positions that this year’s exam qualifies for are aimed at recent graduates; Unemployment among 16-24 year-olds (14.2%) was nearly three times the national average (4.9%) in October

South China Morning Post, 28.11.2021

China Daily, 29.11.2021

People’s Life and Culture

Regional governments extend the 98-day national maternity leave to incentive childbirth

After China announced third-child policy in July, maternity leave increased in Beijing and Shanghai (six months) and Chongqing (one year for one parent) and annual parental leave extended in Zhejiang (ten days) and Beijing (five days), but some worry about increased hiring discrimination against women

South China Morning Post, 29.11.2021

Global Times, 25.11.2021

A series and two films about the Korean War are set to be released after the success of The Battle at Lake Changjin film

Acclaimed filmmaker Zhang Yimou and daughter Zhang Mou directed Sharpshooter (“Sniper”), while the series Winter and Lion began production; Rising political tensions sparks a popular cultural revival of this period of resistance against US aggression

Global Times, 23.11.2021

A poster of the film The Battle at Lake Changjin [CFP]

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