Wenhua Zongheng (文化纵横) is a leading journal of contemporary political and cultural thought in China. Founded in 2008, the journal publishes issues every two months, featuring articles by a wide array of intellectuals across the country and building a platform for discussion of different ideological positions and values in China’s intellectual community. The publication is an important reference for debates and developments in Chinese thought, on matters ranging from China’s ancient history and traditional culture to its current socialist practices and innovations, from the important cultural trends in contemporary Chinese social life to Chinese views and analyses of the world today. Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research and Dongsheng News have partnered with Wenhua Zongheng to publish an international edition of the journal, releasing four issues per year featuring a selection of articles that hold particular relevance for the Global South.

In Chinese, the word ‘Wenhua’ (文化) means ‘culture’ as well as ‘civilization’, while ‘Zongheng’ (纵横) literally means ‘verticals and horizontals’, but also alludes to the strategists who helped to first unify of China, roughly 2,000 years ago through diplomacy and alliances. It is impossible to translate the journal’s title into English while retaining its historical meaning and significance, therefore, we have chosen to keep the pinyin romanisation of the title to remind our readers: China’s history and culture is so rich and complex that it will always be a challenge for those outside of the country to fully understand it.