No. 01 | 29.01.2021

Zambian farm workers pick blueberries, 2020. [Xinhua]

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Kenya secures deferral on US $245 million debt repayment to China EXIM Bank as pandemic hits country’s tax revenues

China – the country’s largest individual lender – financed US $6.7 billion in public infrastructure projects, and suspended repayments in 12 African countries and waived mature interest-free loans for 15 others

Djibouti’s partnership with China sees major infrastructural development (about US $14 billion), expanding trade and logistics capabilities

As a commercial hub for Chinese overseas investment, the Horn of Africa is rapidly transforming with a Huawei-installed intercontinental fiber optic cable, multi-purpose port (US $590 million) and free-trade zone (US $3.5 billion) – likely Africa’s largest

Agriculture and Environment

With growing agricultural cooperation, Zambian blueberries enter Chinese food market, where 95% of the African nation’s products are granted duty free access

Zambia is still a relatively small-scale blueberry producer but its approval to export to China, the largest global agricultural importer, encourages local expansion with favorable pricing of US $8.3/kg (+94% year-on-year)

Moment in China-Africa History

In April 1963, in response to newly independent Algeria’s call for international health aid, China sent a medical team of 24 members to a rural province in the Saharan Atlas.
Read more about China’s medical internationalism in this article and study.