No. 10 | 16.04.2021

Harvested silkworm cocoons at Rabaare National Sericulture Resources Centre, Uganda, 4-5 March 2021 [TIDI]

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Agriculture and Environment

Ugandan government invests US $250 million (2020-21) in silk production, relying on Chinese cooperation to lead continental production

From silkworm cultivation to textile production, Chinese help expand Ugandan industry, which employs 10,000 people and exports 2 tons of silk cocoons (US $4.10/kg) to China monthly


Chinese infrastructure loans to Nigeria (US $3.3 billion) represent only 9.7% of the country’s external debt (US $33.3 billion)

Linked to development projects (energy, transport, industry, security), financing has better conditions (interest, grace period and terms) than the market; multilateral organizations (World Bank, IMF) hold US $17.9 billion of Nigerian debt

Study of Chinese enterprises in Ethiopia shows diverse hiring practices (65-95% African workers), management strategies, adaptability and challenges

SOE, state-owned/private-run and private Chinese companies contribute to local job creation, though area of work and decision-making power vary; onus is placed on local governments to negotiate and regulate best terms

See study:
World Development, November 2020