No. 12 | 30.04.2021

A technician from a Chinese mobile producer trains local employees at an industrial park in Uganda [Xinhua]

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Last week, a member of our editorial collective, Mikaela Nhondo Erskog, joined The Black Myths Podcast to explore prevalent myths around China “colonizing” Africa. You can watch Part 1 and Part 2 of the discussion.
—Dongsheng editorial collective


China shifts from oil to minerals, investing US $5.6 billion (2019) in Democratic Republic of Congo, world’s leading cobalt producer

Beijing pledged US $28 million write-off of loans (US $2.7 billion, 2000-19) and pandemic financial relief (US $17 million) to DRC, where Chinese mining activities are deemed minor compared with “giants of Western countries”

In 2020, 31.4% of Africa’s infrastructure projects were built by Chinese companies, offering high quality and competitive prices

Leading Exim Bank loans (US $67 billion, 2010-19) dropped to 53% from 71% (2000-09) of total, while commercial China Development Bank increased from minimal to 30% share (US $37 billion) since 2010

In virtual meetings with African leaders, the US positions itself as the “most attractive” alternative to China

Chinese foreign ministry warned against “big power” competition and invited the US to provide greater, concrete support to Africa, whose relations with China are characterized by bilateral trade and infrastructure construction without imposing political strings and economic restructuring