No. 13 | 14.05.2021

Workers loading China-donated Sinopharm vaccines at the Cairo International Airport, Egypt, 23 Feb 2021 [Xinhua/Wu Huiwo]

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Egypt will receive 4.9 million Chinese vaccines from Sinovac in May and secures agreement to locally produce them

Chinese company will ensure technology transfer, technical assistance and inputs shipment to produce 40-60 million doses of VACSERA vaccine in 2021; vaccination centers increased to 360 and 1,400 liters of raw materials arrive this month


One in three vehicles sold in Kenya are Chinese, with more affordable prices and local assembly

Chinese benefit from tax reductions on automobile parts, have lower average prices (US $34,000) than competitors (US $62,000) and generate 40,000 direct jobs in Kenya; Japanese brands still lead the market

Chinese infrastructure loans promote domestic entrepreneurship in African countries, says US thinktank

CARI study of 38 countries (2006-18) finds that infrastructure investments create opportunities and lower business costs, with every 1% GDP in loans adding 3.6% in new business density; from 2000-16, average loans/country (US $2-552 million) and share of infrastructure (18-60%) grew