No. 20 | 02.07.2021

African and Chinese Researchers conduct land cover investigation in Kenya, 26 September 2016 [Xinhua]

Science and Technology

Senegal repatriates government data from foreign servers (US, Asia) to national centre, using Chinese financing (US $83 million) and technology

Senegal will be first African nation to house state data and platforms domestically, strengthening digital sovereignty while developing cheaper infrastructure; centre will be managed by state IT firm (ADIE) and use Huawei equipment/technical support

RFI, 25.06.2021

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

Created in 2013, Kenya-China institute for scientific cooperation discovered six plant and one animal species in 2020

Sino-Africa Joint Research Centre (Nairobi) developed over 45 projects in agricultural technologies, biodiversity, and food security; SAJOREC published over 60 papers, provided over 149 postgraduate Chinese scholarships, and trained 160 African scientists and senior technicians (2013-19)

CGTN, 25.06.2021

Talk Africa, 01.07.2019


President Samia Hassan renegotiates Tanzania-China mega projects (US $13 billion) after talks with president Xi

Bagamoyo port and special economic zone (US $10 billion) and coal and iron ore (US $3 billion) projects were suspended (2015-19) by former president Magufuli over alleged unfavorable terms, but Hassan promises to prioritize national interests in strategic projects

South China Morning Post, 28.06.2021

Nikkei Asia, 27.06.2021