No. 24 | 30.07.2021

A Chinese technician explains cultivation skills to a local mushroom grower in the suburb of Maseru, Lesotho [Wan Yu/People’s Daily]

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Agriculture and Environment

Rwandan peasants apply Chinese mushroom farming technology, with 2,000 local experts trained since 2014

Invented in the 1980s to address poverty through small-scale agricultural production in Fujian, juncao method requires minimal inputs to produce mushrooms in grass (1.2 tonnes/10m² of land annually) and has been exported to over 100 countries in 20 years


Affordable Chinese-made vehicles gain popularity in Africa, where most countries have low motorization rates (less than 1 car/200 people, 2020)

Though 90% of internal combustion vehicles are Japanese (US $6,000-14,000), Chinese crossovers and SUVs (US $20,000) are growing quickly in South Africa, and new electric vehicles (<US $10,000) are entering local markets (Zimbabwe, Kenya, Egypt, Ghana)

People’s Life and Culture

67,000 Kenyans have been trained in China since 2015 in engineering, health sciences, technology, agriculture, education and humanities

China-Kenya educational opportunities range from the four Confucius Institutes in Kenya and the Sino-Africa Joint Research Centre (Nairobi) to the 2,400 Kenyan students enrolled in Chinese learning institutions in 2019

In Nigeria (July 1971), two Chinese athletes exchanged candy with local table tennis players and learned from each other