No. 04 | 05.03.2021

Hundreds of Chinese experts work with African colleagues to improve agricultural crop yields [SCMP/Handout]

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Africa receives two-thirds (US $3.1 billion) of Belt and Road energy financing, as China shifts from lending (-43%) to direct investment

Nigerian gas pipeline (US $2.5 billion) topped infrastructure priority in Africa; China’s 2o20 total outbound direct investment dipped globally (-0.4%) but increased (+18.3%) to US $17.8 billion for 58 BRI countries

As China deepens relationship with Cape Verde, US signals it will expand trade and security partnerships with the African country

China built a presidential residence, government complex and soccer stadium, planned a university expansion project (US $60 million) and financed the first dam on the archipelago – a strategic position on Africa’s west coast

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Agriculture and Environment

With 72% rural population, Kenya can draw lessons from countryside development and poverty alleviation in China, says expert

36% of Kenyans are considered poor (World Bank), but poverty reduction rate is slow (1%/year); Kenya-based Sino-Africa Joint Research Center hosted 45 bilateral projects (2013-2018), including on biodiversity, high-yield crops and land management