No. 06 | 19.03.2021

China’s StarTimes employees install satellite television device at Likii village in Uganda, 3 July 2018 [Xinhua/Jin Zheng]

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China’s share in “Africa-10” trade (12.5%, 2019) expected to increase, while the US’s (6.1%) will decrease by 2030, due to Covid-19

According to UN study of ten representative African countries, their largest trading partner is China, followed by India (6.7%); foreign direct investment (-25 to -45%) and emigrant remittances (-23.1%) should decline in 2020

See study:
UNDP, 11.03.2021


Egypt’s “New Administrative Capital” attracts Chinese funding for megaprojects, including 20 skyscrapers (US $2.55 billion)

China invested nearly US $7 billion, offered 300+ scholarships and 1,500+ companies provided 30,000 local jobs (2019); China (trade surplus US $11 billion) is Egypt’s largest trading partner, whose Suez Canal is strategic for BRI and EU-China trade

Science & Technology

Africa advances space cooperation with China, which launched 59 satellites in 2020 to provide TV, navigation and meteorological services

Mozambique joined 115 countries and regions (1,200+ people trained) using Fengyun meteor technology, Ethiopia launched second Chinese-backed satellite and 19 African countries (8,162 villages) completed project acceptance for satellite TV in 2020″

See study:
China’s e-Science Blue Book 2020, 2021