No. 06 | 19.03.2021

China’s StarTimes employees install satellite television device at Likii village in Uganda, 3 July 2018 [Xinhua/Jin Zheng]

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China’s share in “Africa-10” trade (12.5%, 2019) expected to increase, while the US’s (6.1%) will decrease by 2030, due to Covid-19

According to UN study of ten representative African countries, their largest trading partner is China, followed by India (6.7%); foreign direct investment (-25 to -45%) and emigrant remittances (-23.1%) should decline in 2020

See study:
UNDP, 11.03.2021


Egypt’s “New Administrative Capital” attracts Chinese funding for megaprojects, including 20 skyscrapers (US $2.55 billion)

China invested nearly US $7 billion, offered 300+ scholarships and 1,500+ companies provided 30,000 local jobs (2019); China (trade surplus US $11 billion) is Egypt’s largest trading partner, whose Suez Canal is strategic for BRI and EU-China trade

Science and Technology

Africa advances space cooperation with China, which launched 59 satellites in 2020 to provide TV, navigation and meteorological services

Mozambique joined 115 countries and regions (1,200+ people trained) using Fengyun meteor technology, Ethiopia launched second Chinese-backed satellite and 19 African countries (8,162 villages) completed project acceptance for satellite TV in 2020″

See study:
China’s e-Science Blue Book 2020, 2021