No. 07 | 26.03.2021

Workers unload locomotives for Mombasa-Nairobi railway in Kenya,
11 January 2017 [Xinhua]

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Kenya begins phased transfer of operations control of the Nairobi-Mombasa railroad, funded (US $4.7 billion) and operated by the Chinese

Facing the pandemic, Kenya Railways hopes to save over US $120 million in annual fees, but concerns continue over low railroad revenue (US $110 million, 2020) and debt to Chinese operator Afristar (US $380 million)

Chinese ride-hailing app Didi enters African market as pandemic hits US rival Uber’s revenue (-14.3% to US $11.1 billion in 2020)

Founded in 2012, Didi now has 550 million users in 14 countries globally, began driver recruitment in South Africa early March and plans to expand to UK, France and Germany in 2021

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Agriculture and Environment

Belt and Road infrastructure investment plays key role in climate change response in Africa, where 45% of people lack electricity access

Beyond energy financing (US $3 billion, 2019-20), China is pursuing a “green silk road” and low-carbon development, but Africa needs to strengthen domestic institutions and invest US $120 billion (2020-30) to broaden electricity access