No. 09 | 09.04.2021

A demonstration farm run in collaboration between Tanzanian locals and Chinese agricultural experts, 2018. [Xinhua]

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Chinese direct investment in Africa (US $49.1 billion) increased tenfold and contributed to more than 20% of GDP growth from 2000-19

Faced with rising domestic consumption and an aging population, China bets on the growth potential of Africa’s population (2.5 billion, 2050) and middle class (350 million, 2020), but intra-continental economic obstacles remain

Ethiopian Airlines increases cargo capacity to meet African and global demand for Chinese vaccines and personal protective equipment

With African airlines grounded between March-September 2020, Ethiopian Airlines converted passenger planes to freight, increased weekly flights to China (63-117) and currently holds 23% of the African market

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Agriculture and Environment

China aims to increase international cooperation with Africa after reaching 2020 poverty alleviation goal

Belt and Road Initiative expected to lift 7.6 million people out of extreme and moderate poverty (32 million) globally; China has ten cooperation plans (US $60 billion, 2015), pairs with 30 hospitals and established 14 agricultural demonstration centers (2006-16) in Africa