No. 100 | 28.05.2022

Ancient forest in newly discovered sinkhole, Guangxi [Xinhua]

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It’s with great pleasure that we announce our 100th edition of News on China. Two years ago, just as the world was entering the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of researchers – from Argentina to Zambia, Brazil to South Africa, United States to China – realized that it was very difficult to get a balanced view on China. We learned that it was necessary to critically read Western mainstream media on China and also the Chinese media. We started the media digest, News on China, to bring reliable information and facts about the achievements and contradictions of a country that is rapidly changing, while impacting the rest of the world.

Since then, we’ve shared over 1,200 stories in News on China on a variety of topics, produced weekly videos and graphics, as well as launched a new newsletter called Chinese Voices that brings social, economic, and political analyses from Chinese thinkers. Soon, we will launch The Crane: The China-Africa Podcast. We’re on Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram.

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As a special treat, here’s a new publication by Tricontinental: Institute on Social Research and with participation by Dongsheng member, Tings Chak. Go to Yan’an: Culture and National Liberation looks at the historical Forum in Yan’an on Literature and Art that took place 80 years ago this month, gathering the country’s writers, artists, and leaders to discuss the cultural path forward, seven years before the 1949 Revolution.

Dongsheng editorial collective


At BRICS foreign ministers meeting, President Xi reaffirms the need to resist the cold war mentality and strengthen cooperation between developing countries

In an official communiqué, countries supported China’s proposal to initiate discussions on criteria and procedures for BRICS expansion; in attendance were Kazakhstan, Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and two other G20 members, Argentina and Indonesia, likely candidates for the new vacancies

South China Morning Post, 20.05.2022

South China Morning Post, 10.05.2022

During Asian visit, Joe Biden announces new Indo-Pacific Economic Framework to counter China in the region, but deal lacks details

Formed by the US and 12 “Indo-Pacific” countries (among them Japan, India, Australia, and South Korea), the agreement proposal addresses infrastructure, supply chain, clean energy, and digital commerce; however, Washington suffers criticism from its own allies for not opening up its market, as China has done

Financial Times, 20.05.2022

Financial Times, 24.05.2022

National Politics

State Council introduces 33 measures to boost the economy amid falling indicators in April, including tax relief of up to US$396 billion

Measures include subsidies to guarantee employment and accelerate infrastructure investment planned for the year, reduction of US$9 billion in taxes for car purchase, and US$45 billion in railway construction bonds

South China Morning Post, 25.05.2022

Bloomberg, 24.05.2022

After vice-premier Sun Chunlan asked Beijing authorities to take more “thorough” measures against COVID-19, with 29 cases recorded in the capital on Friday 27

Over 1,800 residents of one community were sent to the nearby city of Zhangjiakou for centralized quarantine in hotels for a week; the capital’s administration has asked companies and institutions to limit the number of workers in offices to 30% of normal levels

Caixin Global, 24.05.2022

China Briefing, 27.05.2022


Oral dose of CanSino vaccine generates an 18 to 24-fold increase in antibodies than the third injection of Sinovac, according to The Lancet study

Research on the aerosolized version of the adenovirus-based vaccine did not measure its performance against Omicron; the original injectable version of the vaccine had already been approved by the WHO for emergency use

South China Morning Post, 24.05.2022


China’s urban unemployment rate rises 0.3 percentage points in April to reach 6.1%, the highest since February 2020

Unemployment among young people aged 16 to 24 reached 18.2% (highest since January 2018) sees the Premier call for the adoption of fiscal and monetary policies that prioritize employment, such as tax refunds, tax exemptions, and social security payments; analysts predict improvement in consumption and employment indicators in May

Caixin Global, 16.05.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

Government announces US$1.5 billion subsidy to grain producers, helping to reduce high costs in summer harvest and autumn sowing

Despite harvest delays caused by COVID-19 and floods, China is expected to have a bountiful summer grain production; record-high wheat stocks could meet domestic demand for over a year despite global shortages due to conflict in Ukraine

Global Times, 23.05.2022

China Daily, 20.05.2022

Three sites recognized as FAO’s Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems for unique ways of using traditional practices and knowledge

Valued for maintaining biodiversity and unique ecosystems, the sites are a tea production area in Anxi (Fujian Province), Ar Horqin nomadic grazing system in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the rain-fed Shexian Dryland Stone Terraced System (Hebei Province)

FAO, 20.05.2022

China Daily, 24.05.2022

Science and Technology

Explorers discover a preserved ancient forest inside a giant sinkhole in southern China’s Guangxi region

The 192-meter-deep “heavenly pit” is the 30th found in the region known for its karst landscape, formed by the dissolution of bedrock by groundwater, and could be home to undiscovered plant and wildlife species; world’s deepest sinkhole (662m) is the Xiaozhai Tiankeng in Chongqing

South China Morning Post, 25.05.2022

People’s Life and Culture

Zheng Yi Sao, legendary pirate queen who fought against imperial Chinese and colonial navies, is revived culturally in Chinese web novels and TV series

Born in 1775 in South China, Sek Yeung (birthname) married her pirate captor, Tzeng Yut, and took his position after his death, commanding a 600-ship fleet with three “golden rules”: no desertion, no thieving from the clan, and no violence against women

Sixth Tone, 17.04.2022

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