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Children at The Bund in Shanghai on 1 June 2022 [Xinhua via SCMP]

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This week, Marco Fernandes spoke with TVT’s Bom para Todos (“Good for All”) program about the 100th edition of News on China, the end of the lockdown in Shanghai, and China’s zero Covid policy. Watch here (in Portuguese).

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China and Pacific Island countries hold foreign ministers’ meeting during Wang Yi’s visit to the region to complete cooperation agreement

Negotiations advance on issues such as poverty alleviation, climate change, and agriculture, but security and trade face challenges with more consultations ahead; Micronesia – where the US tests missiles – criticized the deal, reflecting White House interests

Global Times, 30.05.2022

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights visits Xinjiang and opens dialogue with Beijing on Uighur controversy

After Michelle Bachelet encouraged Beijing to assess its counterterrorism policy against international standards, the UN and China agreed to create a permanent working group on human rights; she also commended China’s advances in poverty reduction and women’s rights

Global Times, 29.05.2022

UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, 28.05.2022

National Politics

After two months of lockdown, Shanghai begins gradual return to normalcy on June 1st with the reopening of public transportation, offices, commerce, and factories

While residents can move freely, 72-hour negative PCR test results are required to enter enclosed areas and public transportation; these measures are seen to be necessary to maintain health control, since elder vaccination is still insufficient

Global Times, 31.05.2022

Global Times, 01.06.2022

Mass testing expenditure may compete with resources for infrastructure and industrial parks, raising concerns about its impact on the country’s future growth rate

From January 2020 to mid-April 2022, China conducted 11.5 billion PCR tests, estimated to cost US$45.1 billion; but analysts say that spending can be covered by accumulated surplus in the state-run basic medical insurance system

Caixin Global, 26.05.2022 


Shanghai unveils 50-point plan to revive its US$637 billion economy after two-month lockdown

Actions range from helping companies reduce operating costs to incentives to keep jobs; the plan foresees up to US$450,000 per company to fend off large-scale layoffs, a US$1,500 subsidy for electric car purchases, and retail spending coupons

South China Morning Post, 29.05.2022

May manufacturing activity improves in China, with Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) rising to 49.6 (vs. April, 47.4)

12 of the 21 surveyed sectors had PMI expansion above 50, indicating improved activity (April was nine); from January to April, the industry made a total profit of US$397.5 billion, a year-on-year increase of 3.5%

CGTN, 31.05.2022

National Bureau of Statistics of China, 31.05.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

China already has 10% of the world market for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, with the global market expected to reach US$20 billion (2030)

The country has about 7,700 fuel-cell vehicles (mostly state-funded) expected to grow to 50,000 by 2025; though more efficient than electric batteries and solar or wind power, high costs remain a challenge

SCMP, 28.05.2022

Due to the conflict in Ukraine, China returns to buying large quantities of corn from Brazil and may reshape trade with US

About 70% of China’s corn imports in 2021 were from the US and 29% from Ukraine; the country has ordered 250,000 to 400,000 tons of the Brazilian grain, and may encourage farmers in Brazil to grow more corn, taking some of the market away from the US

Global Times, 25.05.2022

Bloomberg, 25.05.2022

Science and Technology

Chinese scientists discover rich uranium deposits at “impossible” depth of 3,000m, which could increase country’s reserves ten-fold

With the fastest growth of nuclear energy supply, China’s demand for uranium relies heavily on imports, 70% from Kazakhstan, Canada, and Australia, which the new deposits could put China on par with

South China Morning Post, 30.05.2022

People’s Life and Culture

Boat racing of the annual Dragon Boat Festival, celebrated this week, is among the traditional Chinese folk sports promoted nationally and internationally

Traditional boat racing attracts 50 million participants in China, 90,000 in North America, and 30,000 in Europe, while the kongzhu yoyo and jianzi “foot badminton” date back over 2,000 years, and popular dance workouts incorporate yangge folk rice harvest dance elements

World of Chinese, 29.05.2022

Kongzhu champion Wang Tianjun of Henan province [VCG via World of Chinese]

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