No. 103 | 18.06.2022

Learning the Chinese classical instrument, Guqin [ Jin]


China is viewed more positively than the US by African youth for the first time since survey by South African Foundation began in 2020

A qualitative survey of 4,507 young people aged 18 to 24 years from 15 countries finds that 76% think that China positively influences their lives (79% in 2020), while 72% think the same about the US (83% in 2020); Chinese influence is strongest in Rwanda, Malawi, and Nigeria 

Bloomberg, 12.06.2022

Chinese and US defense ministers meet in Singapore amid rising tensions, the first time since Biden was elected

Chinese Minister Wei Fenghe says China will fight to the end against any attempt to support Taiwan’s independence; Biden’s recent statements about the Chinese island have upset Beijing, but both sides agree to maintain frequent communication to minimize risks and crises

South China Morning Post, 10.06.2022

Caixin Global, 12.06.2022

National Politics

To combat short-termism, government instructs Chinese mutual funds industry (US$3.8 trillion) to limit executive compensation to reduce wealth imbalances 

At least 40% of bonus payments to senior employees must be deferred for three years or more, and executives must invest at least 20% of their bonuses in their companies’ financial products, according to new guidelines

Reuters, 10.06.2022

Customers of embattled banks in Zhengzhou receive sudden pandemic-related restrictions when trying to withdraw money from their accounts, raising suspicions of data manipulation

Upon receiving a “red health code” – indicating high Covid-19 risk – numerous customers coming from other cities were prevented from accessing transportation networks, public services, and even going to banks to complain; evidence of an app breach is being investigated by local authorities

Global Times, 14.06.2022

Sixth Tone, 14.06.2022

Tangshan government launches campaign against criminal gangs after violent restaurant attack on several women 

Captured by security cameras, nine men were arrested after the incident in the northern Chinese city sent shockwaves around the country; a two-week blitz campaign focusing on violence against women, extortion, gambling, sex work, and scams has been launched

South China Morning Post, 13.06.2022


Main indicators of the Chinese economy improve in May, with the exception of household consumption 

In May, industry value added grew 0.7% year-on-year, overcoming the 2.9% drop in April, foreign trade (US$511 billion) rose 9.6% year-on-year and exports (US$293 billion) jumped from 3.9% in April to 15.3%; retail sales reached US$497 billion (-6.7%), improving from the 11.1% drop in April

CGTN, 10.06.2022

Read the National Bureau of Statistics of China Report, 15.06.2022

May’s economic improvement generates confidence in the ability to reverse April’s drop and reach the annual growth target of 5.5% 

In the year-to-date, the industrial aggregate value grew 3.3% (in the January-May interannual comparison), 5.29 million jobs were created in urban areas, and the value of exports totaled US$ 1.33 billion (+11.4%); but services and retail sales remain in decline, -0.7% and -1.5%

South China Morning Post, 15.06.2022

Read the National Bureau of Statistics of China Report, 15.06.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

Renewable energy development in rural areas combines poverty alleviation with greenhouse gas reduction targets

Since 2014, solar farms with a combined capacity of more than 26 million kW have benefited over four million families in need; government estimates that a village with two 5 MW wind energy units occupying 200 m² can increase residents’ income by US$45,073/year  

Beijing Review, 14.06.2022

China reduced nearly the same amount of air pollution in seven years than the US did in three decades

The amount of harmful particulate matter in China’s air dropped by 40% (2013-20) and, if maintained, could add about two years to average life expectancy, according to the University of Chicago; Chinese average airborne particulate matter remains six times higher than WHO recommendations

Bloomberg, 14.06.2022

People’s Life and Culture

Recent US-China study gives new insights on ancient brewing practices of rice and millet beer in China

Fermentation dakoukangs —large clay basins of the Dawenkou culture dating back 4,600 to 6,700 years — were found in elite burials, likely used as a status symbol and seen as a sacred substance with its symbolic red color and psychoactive effect

South China Morning Post, 03.06.2022

Dakougang for 4,000-year-old rice wine production [Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences]

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