No. 29 | 05.12.2020

Guangzhou Customs seizes illegal waste imports, 2020 [Sohu]

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White House sanctions state-owned China National Electronic Import-Export Co. for working with the Venezuelan government

The Chinese SOE was added to the list of companies prohibited from purchasing US products because it provided software, training and other services to largest Venezuelan state-owned National Telephone Company

World’s fourth-largest internet market (US $44 billion), Indonesia, becomes a battleground between technology giants in China and the US

Indonesian start-ups received 74% of the region’s tech investments in the first half-year (US $5.6 billion); US investments prioritize large consolidated companies, while the Chinese take more risks on promising start-ups

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson posts personal tweet condemning Australian war crimes in Afghanistan, calling for accountability

Zhao Lijian posted a depiction of an Australian soldier killing an Afghan child – one of 39 civilians murdered according to Australian military’s own report; Beijing rejected PM’s demand for an official apology and insisted that Australia assume responsibility and punish perpetrators

Science and Technology

Alibaba’s US $10 billion subsidiary, Cainiao, aims to revolutionize the global logistics industry and unify firm’s worldwide reach through a digital platform

Goal is to deliver 1kg package anywhere internationally in 72 hours for US $3, while DHL (39% of global market) currently delivers a 0.5kg package in 5 days for US $100 (Shanghai-London)

Cainiao partners with Ethiopian Airlines to establish first global distribution route of medical supplies to Africa, Middle East and Latin America

Logistics giant plays key role in Covid-19 response, delivering 250 million PPEs and test kits to 150 countries and regions and new Shenzhen-Addis Ababa cold route can transport temperature-controlled (-23°C) Covid-19 vaccines

National Politics

Starting in 2021, China will ban all solid waste imports, including recyclables, to protect environment

With a gradual ban in recent years, import volumes declined from 46.6 million (2016) to 13.5 million tons (2019); 95% of the EU’s plastics and 70% of the US’s were sold to China annually


China dominates the world’s export market, with value exceeding 20% of total for OECD countries since April, despite US trade war

It exported more than 50% of 320 products in 2019 (fivefold 2001’s) including small computers and LCD components; demand surged with pandemic-driven online shopping and consumption rebounds in Europe and the US

From January to October, major industrial profits reached US $764 billion, the first year-on-year growth (0.7%) in 2020

October profits increased 28% mainly due to the recovery in key sectors, including equipment manufacturing (+9.6%), automobiles and consumer goods, but risks of increased accounts receivables and cash flow pressure remain

Bond defaults involving state-owned enterprises shakes China’s US $4.2 trillion corporate bond market, the second largest in the world

Default rates of Chinese companies remain low (0.5% or ⅓ of the US’s), but ten SOEs defaulted US $8 billion this year (including AAA-rated companies), demonstrating need to improve the credit rating system

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

Innovations in fishing industry move fish farms from coastlines to deep sea, improving sustainability, efficiency and food quality

Since 2018, 48 high-tech marine farms have been built near Shandong, using 5G, underwater monitoring and solar and wind power technologies that also assist scientific research, leisure activities and environmental management


Scientists find evidence of Covid-19 circulating in Italy, France and the US up to three months before detection in Wuhan

Simultaneous teams from the WHO and the The Lancet medical journal are initiating research into the disease’s origins; efficient post-SARS monitoring system could be reason for in initial virus detection in China

People’s Life and Culture

100 years after women won the right to study in universities, China ranks first for gender equality in higher education

Inspired by May Fourth Movement (1919) for national sovereignty, modernization and women’s rights, the first group of nine women—led by Deng Chunlan—successfully campaigned and enrolled in Peking University in 1920

Biographical film on the national women’s volleyball team wins Best Picture at the China Film Gold Rooster Awards

“Leap” follows the life of player-turned-coach Lang Ping through three historical moments: China’s first major sports victory at the 1981 World Cup, 2008 Beijing Olympics defeat and 2016 Olympics win in Rio

A day after Diego Maradona’s death, hashtags in his memory received more than 1.8 billion views on Weibo social network

The Argentinian star was also honored with image projections on the 415m TV tower in Tianjin; Maradona became legendary at the 1986 World Cup – the first to be broadcast in China

Zha Xiaoyuan, Xi Zhen and Wang Lan were students in the first coeducation cohort at Peking University, 1920 [Ding Yining/Sixth Tone]