No. 57 | 03.07.2021

The First Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) took place in Shanghai in 1921 — attended by 13 people. On the 100th anniversary since its founding, the CPC has grown to over 95.1 million members.

Since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, China went from being the world’s 11th poorest country in a semi-colonial, semi-feudal state to the second largest economy in the world today. Significant social advances have been made, including doubling life expectancy to nearly 80 years and increasing literacy from 20% to 97.33%.

Led by the CPC, China combatted Covid-19 and eradicated extreme poverty in 2020, lifting 853 million Chinese people out of poverty in four decades. (See last week’s ‘China’s Path to Zero Poverty’ webinar with Dongsheng’s member, Tings Chak).

Celebrations are taking place nationwide, remembering the country’s past in order to build a more prosperous future for China and an international community with a shared future for humanity.

National Politics

President Xi CPC centenary speech highlights developments of socialism while asserting that China will not be “bullied”

To 70,000 people in Tiananmen Square, Xi celebrated the country’s history and achievement of building a moderately prosperous society (xiaokang) and emphasized necessity of developing Marxism to create a modern socialist country – China’s second “centenary goal”


Former President Lula praises CPC’s leadership in fighting the pandemic, defends multilateralism and strategic Brazil-China partnership

In an interview with Chinese site Guancha, Lula denounces Washington’s participation in the illegal operation behind his arrest, criticizes US aggression against China, and vows to rebuild BRICS if elected in 2022

China and Russia renew 20-year-old cooperation treaty, issuing a joint statement against unilateral sanctions and foreign interference in internal affairs

In the second meeting between Putin and Xi in a month, China’s president says the relationship between the two countries displays “a new type of international relations,” while criticizing politicization of pandemic and sporting events


China’s economy grew 189 times (US $15.5 trillion, 2020) since 1949, as CPC celebrates 100 years of achievements

Economic success is grounded in a planned and self-corrective system (14 five-year plans since PRC’s founding), reform and opening-up, and focus on self-sufficiency and innovation; China’s share of global economy increased from 4.4% to 17% (1960-2020)

Global Times, 26.06.2021
CGTN, 28.06.2021

Between January-May, industrial profits (US $530.4 billion) grew 83.4% year-on-year due to strong demand

Profits rose in 39 of 41 industrial sectors; chemical raw materials and products – including vaccine inputs – more than doubled profits (US $49.5 billion), while computer, communication, and electronic equipment (US $39.4 billion) increased by 49.3%

CGTN, 27.06.2021
National Bureau of Statistics of China, 28.06.2021

Science and Technology

China partially opens world’s second largest hydropower station (16GW) and accelerates construction of new plants to expand renewable energy

Baihetan plant (between Sichuan and Yunnan provinces) cost US $34 billion, with the world’s most powerful turbines (1 GW each); hydropower represents 17% of the country’s energy consumption (2020), key to reducing emissions 

South China Morning Post, 28.06.2021

Government approves merger of state-owned tech giants CETG and Potevio to establish self-reliant supply chains

CETG supplies military IT products while Potevio provides semiconductors and telecoms equipment; the two “core SOEs” (of country’s 100) employ 220,000 workers in 15 publicly traded companies with revenue expected to exceed US $50 billion after merger

Nikkei Asia, 26.06.2021

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

China’s US $200 million Earth simulation lab that calculates carbon emissions could increase country’s impact in international climate negotiations

Fully operational next year, EarthLab can deepen global knowledge of Earth’s history, measure climate risk, provide data for preventing and mitigating natural disasters, and help China to achieve carbon neutrality goals (2030 peak, 2060 net-zero emissions)

Caixin, 26.06.2021

Scientists use genetic editing to “reinvent” potatoes, improving cultivation efficiency, costs, and plant health

Yunnan trial of hybrid seed “Upotato No. 1” yielded 45 tonnes/hectare, requiring 20g/hectare of potato seeds versus conventional cultivation – slower and more vulnerable to diseases – requiring 3,000kg/hectare of potatoes to produce same quantity

CGTN, 25.06.2021
Cell, 24.06.2021

People’s Life and Culture

Museum of the Communist Party of China opens in Beijing after 1,000 days of construction involving 50,000 people

Focusing on 100-year CPC history, museum (150,000 m²) is shaped like the Chinese character for “worker” (工) and uses cutting-edge technologies, including Long March (1934-36) immersive experience with 24K-resolution screens, 4D films, and 3D scanning

Xinhua, 22.06.2021, 26.06.2021

Light show to celebrate the CPC’s 100th anniversary, Huangpu River, Shanghai [Photo IC via Global Times]