No. 75 | 13.11.2021

Chinese vaccine production [VCG]


With 1.5 billion Covid vaccines, China becomes world’s largest vaccine exporter as Chinese pharma competes with Western giants

Walvax Biotechnology snatched 40% of Pfizer’s market in China (US $5.8 billion) with pneumonia vaccines, while Inovax Biotech (HPV) and Sinovac (chickenpox and polio) prepare for global market; with lower prices, Chinese vaccines are becoming an option for developing countries

Bloomberg, 04.11.2021

Energy giants Sinopec and Sinochem sign largest-ever, long-term liquid natural gas (LNG) imports contracts amid soaring prices

US is the largest LNG exporter (5.8 million tons), followed by Qatar (5.5 million) and Russia (5.16 million); key to emissions reduction target, Chinese LNG imports (67 million) grow 11.4% by 2020

Caixin Global, 08.11.2021

Increased Chinese exports to the US (30%) and Europe (50%) during the pandemic helped control inflationary pressure in the Global North

China produces nearly 30% of total US consumer goods and the equivalent of 14% of European industrial GDP; China’s ability to increase exports has made room for significant monetary and fiscal stimulus in industrialized nations

Asia Times, 08.11.2021


International investors increase holdings in Chinese stocks and bonds, reaching US $1.1 trillion (up US $120 billion in 2021), despite recent volatility

Even with 30% foreign ownership cap on Chinese companies and recent regulations of tech, education, and real estate sectors, minvestors’ confidence in China remains high, while facing doubts of exhausted returns in developed economies

Financial Times, 09.11.2021

To support small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, China’s government cuts taxes and admin fees, exceeding US $142 billion in 2021

In a move to alleviate downward economic pressure, Premier Li Keqiang called for a new tax policy as well as advising financial institutions to forgo profits to support the real economy, underpinned by 100+ million market entities

Global Times, 05.11.2021

National Politics

Government issues “rectification notice” to 38 apps for privacy violations, including excessive collection of user data or misleading information

Personal Information Protection Law increases transparency, requiring companies to notify users of personal information collected and data shared with third parties; legal violations can carry fines of up to US $7.8 million, or 5% of annual revenue

Caixin Global, 05.11.2021

Global Times, 30.10.2021

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

China has been shifting from fossil-fuel driven “growth at all costs” to “high quality growth” in recent years

In 2013, the smog “airpocalypse” affecting ¼ of China (600 million people), pushing leaders to rethink country’s development and led to Xi’s constitutionally-enshrined “ecological civilization”; Beijing halved its PM2.5 concentration since then, when data began to be published publicly

South China Morning Post, 08.11.2021

Highlights from China’s recent climate change “white paper”, 01.11.2021

Chinese people face increasing health risks due to climate change, according to The Lancet’s report

Study shows increases in disease-carrying mosquitoes, heatwave-related deaths to 14,500 (2020) — almost doubling historic average (1986-2005) — and flood frequency and intensity, but notes “positive signs” in Chinese clean energy development and carbon intensity reduction

South China Morning Post, 08.11.2021

The Lancet, 07.11.2021

People’s Life and Culture

Shanghai Children’s Hospital announces opening of country’s first clinic for transgender children and teenagers

Clinic aims to address emotional and family relations issues faced by China’s four million transgender people, 61.5% of whom suffer from depression and many from discrimination, and must still be certified with “mental illness” to access hormones or gender-reassignment surgery

Sixth Tone, 08.11.2021

Global Times, 04.11.2021

China, the world’s largest e-sports market, celebrates the victory of team Edward Gaming (EDG) in the League of Legends World Championships

In 2003, the Chinese government classified e-sports – multiplayer video game competitions – as an official sport, licensing gamers as professional players; with 488 million e-sports lovers, industry revenue rose 44% to US $21.4 billion in 2020

Global Times, 07.11.2021

Marketing to China, 02.05.2021

Edward Gaming wins e-sports world championships, 6 November 2021 [CFP via CGTN]

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