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Sixth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee in Beijing [Xinhua]

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National Politics

CPC adopts third “historic resolution” since the Party’s founding, following Mao Zedong’s (1945) and Deng Xiaoping’s (1981)

These form part of CPC’s process of learning from historical mistakes and achievements: 1945’s focused on the Party’s founding and resistance to Japanese aggression and 1981’s declared the Cultural Revolution an “error” while upholding the centrality of Mao Zedong Thought

Global Times, 12.11.2021

Resolution of the sixth plenary of the 19th CPC Central Committee elevates Xi’s “core position” to the level of Mao and Deng

Attended by 370 top leaders, the sixth plenary focused on ideology and Party-building, highlighting Xi Jinping Thought in guiding the “new era” of socialism with Chinese characteristics and CPC’s confidence in leading processes towards achieving common prosperity and national rejuvenation goals

Global Times, 12.11.2021

South China Morning Post, 06.11.2021

Read the full text of the Resolution


Xi encourages Biden to adopt “rational” policy and says rising Taiwan tensions are “dangerous” in first meeting between the two leaders

Biden says the US does not support Taiwanese separatism and that leaders must ensure that “competition… does not veer into conflict” during the discussions on visas for journalists, bilateral trade, and arms control

South China Morning Post, 17.11.2021

South China Morning Post, 17.11.2021

US Congress imposes new sanctions on giants Huawei and ZTE from domestic market through the bipartisan Secure Equipment Act

Despite being banned from buying equipment from the US, legal ambiguities enabled Chinese companies to license products on US soil; Washington offered US $1.9 billion to its telecom companies to substitute Chinese equipment

South China Morning Post, 12.11.2021

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

In an unexpected instance of collaboration at COP26, China and the US publish a joint commitment to action against climate change

The world’s two largest emitters agreed to cooperate on decarbonization, technology transfer, and forest protection, as well as create a joint working group and concrete measures, such as China’s pledge to develop a methane reduction plan by 2022

Asia Nikkei, 11.11.2021

Carbon Brief, 11.11.2021


Debuting with 81 companies and trading US $1.5 billion, Beijing Stock Exchange aims to exclusively support small and medium enterprises

Ten of the listed stocks just completed IPOs, more than doubling in share prices; auto parts manufacturer Henan Tongxin Transmission closed nearly 500% above its IPO price

Caixin Global, 15.11.2021

CGTN, 15.11.2021

“Singles’ Day” online shopping festival hits record sales (Alibaba, US $84.4 billion;, US $54.6 billion), but with a more restrained tone

In line with environmental and common prosperity goals, e-commerce platforms prioritize green initiatives, national brands, and rural products: reduces 26,000 tons of carbon emissions using recyclable packaging and electric delivery vans

Sixth Tone, 12.11.2021

CGTN, 13.11.2021

People’s Life and Culture

Despite record Singles’ Day sales, pace of commerce slows in the face of anti-consumerism movement and Big Tech regulation

Social inequality, environmental pollution, and increasingly negative associations with shopping (such as anxiety and fear) are among reasons for opposition to excessive consumption; Generation Z has supported “Don’t Buy” campaigns and policies to reign in Internet giants.

Sixth Tone, 13.11.2021

South China Morning Post, 12.11.2021

China’s manufacturing sector faces difficulties in hiring young people, who prefer jobs in the less strenuous, better compensated gig economy

41.1% of drivers at ride-hailing app Didi and 35.2% at Meituan delivery platform come from factories where wages on average are lower than in the construction, transportation, logistics, and warehousing sectors

Sixth Tone, 16.11.2021

Inspired by global success of Korean films and series, Chinese productions seek international markets through online streaming platforms

A survey by iQiyi, a streaming service with over 100 million subscribers, showed that one in three respondents from 26 countries watch Chinese content; US-based Netflix launches original series in Chinese and announced the adaptation of Chinese sci-fi bestseller The Three-Body Problem

Sixth Tone, 16.11.2021

Meme from “Don’t Buy” social media group for Singles’ Day shopping festival [Douban via Sixth Tone]

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