No. 80 | 18.12.2021

China-Nicaragua joint communiqué to resume diplomatic ties in Tianjin, 10 December 2021 [Xinhua]

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This is the last News on China digest of the year. After a short break, on January 8, we will be back with a special edition presenting a retrospective of the most important issues of 2021. Happy holidays to all of you!

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Nicaragua restores diplomatic relations with China after severing ties with Taiwan and recognizing the “One China” principle

Since the beginning of leader Tsai Ing-wen’s tenure (2016), seven other countries have broken with the Chinese island; Beijing has donated one million Covid-19 vaccines to the Central American country, with more partnerships currently in discussion

Global Times, 13.12.2021

Global Times, 10.12.2021

Beijing repudiates unsubstantiated media claims of confiscating Ugandan airport due to non-repayment on loans, days before the FOCAC summit

China’s Exim bank loaned US $207 million at 2% interest for Entebbe expansion under BRI; Finance Minister Kasaija admitted that Uganda “should not have accepted some of the clauses” but agreements fall within bounds of normal trade practices

AsiaTimes, 08.12.2021

National Politics

China announces stability as a key policy priority for 2022 and will expand social policies in housing and youth employment

At the annual Central Economic Work Conference, the government promoted “proactive fiscal policies” with high expenditure budgets and more tax incentives, as well as “prudent monetary measures” to ensure liquidity; rentals for middle and low-income families will have priority over private commercial sector

China Daily, 11.12.2021

Nikkei Asia, 16.12.2021

Beijing creates online platform to offer free tutoring to 330,000 elementary school students in the city by 2022

With content available from 6 to 9pm on weekdays (except on holidays), the decision increases access and aims to meet the demands of parents after private tutoring sector reforms

Caixin Global, 11.12.2021


Central Bank will increase foreign currency reserve requirement ratio for banks from 7% to 9% to curb yuan appreciation and speculation

Chinese exchange rate increased to 6.37 to the dollar – highest since 2018 – due to the country’s trade surplus and rising foreign reserves (US $3.2 trillion in November); Chinese currency rise could hurt economic activity

South China Morning Post, 09.12.2021

In December 2001, after 15 years and 37 meetings, China became a member of the World Trade Organization

In 20 years, the country grew from the world’s sixth to second largest economy, with trade volume growing from US $516 billion to $5 trillion, and reaching 11.5% of global total (2001, 3.4%); country signed over 400 multilateral agreements and 128 bilateral investment treaties

Global Times, 09.12.2021

Global Times, 08.12.2021 (infográfico sobre as realizações chinesas desde sua entrada na OMC)

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

Designed to capture 500,000 tons of CO2 per year and starting operations in 2023, Taizhou will host the world’s largest plant

With 14 carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) projects, with a combined annual capacity of 2.1 million tons, China could reduce CO2 emissions by 60% (2050) at a cost of US $450 billion

Global Times, 13.12.2021

South China Morning Post, 14.12.2021

Innovations in urban governance is increasingly essential for China to achieve carbon neutrality targets by 2060, say experts

China has low-carbon pilot projects in 81 cities and 52 industrial parks, as the country’s carbon market grows to more than US $314 million since its launch in July this year

Xinhua, 14.01.2021

Category Icons

People’s Life and Culture

Chinese youth question marriage and sexuality norms but are not seeking electoral democracy, finds new survey

Contrary to Western media claims of free speech and educational suppression, Yicai survey (2,268 people) finds that Chinese youth have differing views and practices than the government but trusts its ability to delivery on economic growth, illustrated by tenfold GDP rise in 20 years

Nikkei Asia, 12.12.2021

China observes eighth National Memorial Day for the victims of the 1937 Nanjing Massacre, one of the most brutal events during Japanese occupation

On December 13, Japanese troops invaded Nanjing and murdered over 300,000 civilians and unarmed soldiers in six weeks; President Xi Jinping honors the 61 still-living survivors of this massacre, reiterating a commitment to peace

Xinhua, 13.12.2021

China Daily, 13.12.2021

Silent tribute to the Nanjing Massacre victims in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, 13 December 2021 [Sang Yu/China Daily]

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