No. 82 | 15.01.2022

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Saleh signed a joint statement in Asmara, 5 January 2022 [Xinhua]


China pledges to appoint a Horn of Africa peace envoy, looking to play a bigger mediation role in the region

Following Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s first overseas trip of 2022 (Kenya, Eritrea, Comoros) to the region beset with armed conflicts that threaten Chinese-invested and BRI projects, experts see the proposal as a shift in Beijing’s foreign policy

South China Morning Post, 09.01.2022

South China Morning Post, 07.01.2022

Boosted by recent agreements, cooperation between China and Latin America and the Caribbean deepens and worries the White House

Last month, China and Cuba signed a “cooperation plan” within the framework of the BRI, while the 2024 comprehensive action plan was signed between the 34 countries at the China-CELAC Forum; investments shift from commodities to manufacturing, services, and ICTs

Asia Times, 08.01.2022

In an unprecedented visit to China, Gulf Cooperation Council countries announce a new free trade agreement with China

Formed by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain, GCC is expected to accelerate signing of the action plan for strategic dialogue with Beijing (2022-24), while the US reduces its regional presence and investments; China will receive the Turkish and Iranian foreign ministers over the coming days

Global Times, 12.01.2022

South China Morning Post, 12.01.2022

National Politics

Government announces construction of 6.5 million low-cost rental housing in 40 cities by 2025

This represents about 26% of the total new housing supply in the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) and aims to benefit 13 million young and new residents; increasing affordable housing is one of the country’s and President Xi’s highest priorities

Bloomberg, 11.01.2022

Facing the largest outbreak since Wuhan, China’s “Zero Covid” policy continues to show effectiveness in controlling the virus

Having overcome outbreaks last year with massive testing, contact-tracking apps, localized quarantines, border controls, and lockdowns, Xi’an recorded only eight new cases on Tuesday, with new outbreaks in Tianjin and Hebei

South China Morning Post, 11.01.2022

Global Times, 10.01.2022


Evergrande is ordered to demolish 39 unfinished buildings in Hainan, after 39% drop in sales (US $69.66 billion) in 2021 

Properties worth US $1.2 billion were built before permission was obtained; sales of numerous developers continue to plummet (38%-57%), while Country Garden and Jinke Property sell apartments for about half the value to raise funds

Asia Times, 04.01.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

Genetically modified soybean and corn in a pilot program receive safety approval, after decade-long assessment

With up to 95% reduction in herbicide (soybean) and pesticide (corn) use, GM soy reduces costs (50%) and increases yield (12%), while GM corn increases yield (6.7-10.7%); both have no negative effects on beneficial insects and soil quality

China Daily, 12.01.2022

Over 1,000 officials have been investigated for environmental violations in four provinces, after receiving thousands of public complaints

The one-month probe by central environmental inspectors summoned 546 officials, held 478 cadres accountable, punished 683 companies, and detained 54 people in Heilongjiang, Guizhou, Shaanxi, and Ningxia

China Daily, 14.01.2022

Government announcement

Science and Technology

China builds “artificial moon” that simulates low gravity to serve as a laboratory for experiments of the lunar exploration programs

The 60cm-diameter chamber allows testing of equipment – such as 3D printers and soil drilling tools – fundamental to sending crewed missions by 2030 and installing a lunar base jointly with Russia; the facility will be accessible to scientists from other countries

South China Morning Post, 11.01.2022

People’s Life and Culture

Half of school-aged children of migrant workers live apart from parents, says new report

Nearly 20 million children (aged 6-14) have migrated to cities with their parents seeking better opportunities, while 26.7 million are “left behind” to the care of other family members; A new law regulating parental behavior includes measures to help “left behind” children

Caixin Global, 12.01.2022

South China Morning Post, 08.01.2022

Rural students in Southwest China’s Sichuan province, 2017 [VCG via Caixin]

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