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A peasant harvests wheat in Anyang, Henan Province [IC via China Plus]

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As the lockdown in Shanghai enters its third week, Dongsheng member Tings Chak speaks to By Any Means Necessary‘s Sean Blackmon about the situation, including the government measures, challenges faced, and grassroots community responses. Listen to the conversation here.

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National Politics

After seven rounds of mass testing during lockdown, Shanghai’s Covid-19 cases surge to 253,000 (9,500 symptomatic, no recorded deaths) since 1 March

City began to relax lockdown in 7,565 low-risk zones, released 11,000 people from quarantine facilities back home, and dismissed three officials from for failure to control the outbreak; lockdown extension increases tension among city’s residents

South China Moring Post, 13.04.2022

South China Morning Post, 12.04.2022

Global Times, 08.04.2022

Cases of Covid-19 in Shanghai are expected to peak this week and may reach 700,000 by mid-June, according to specialists

Strict measures have ensured a decrease in viral transmission, but contamination due to food delivery is still a concern; outbreak is estimated to end at the end of May, but uncertainty about the behavior of the virus variant remains

Global Times, 14.04.2022

China announces investments of at least US$ 2.3 trillion in large projects this year, focusing on manufacturing and services

With 5.5% annual growth target, China will invest 70% in projects, including industrial parks and technology incubators, and decrease spending in already-advanced infrastructure; this is twice the amount of US Congress’ 5-year infrastructure package (US$ 1.1 trillion)

Bloomberg, 06.04.2022


China hits record number of college graduates (10.7 million) but mismatch between supply and demand for jobs poses challenges for economy

While restructuring in the real estate market, private education, and Big Tech limit job offers, manufacturing industry supplies 38.7% of jobs, though most graduates aim for other sectors; competition for stable civil sector jobs has quadrupled in 20 years

Caixin Global, 11.04.2022

Private sector accounted for 48% of the market value of Chinese companies listed on the Chinese and New York stock exchanges (2021)

Market value share jumped from 8% to 50% (2010-20) before dipping last year; share of revenue (US $1.7 trillion) of Chinese private companies increased from zero to 19% (mid 2000s-2021) of the country’s total companies on the Fortune 500

Caixin Global, 07.04.2022

Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 1.5% year-on-year in March, the highest in three months, due to Covid-19 outbreaks and rising energy prices

US’ CPI rose 8.5% in March – the highest since 1981 – and faces inflation worries; US Federal Reserve prepares to raise interest rates, which China’s Central Bank plans to reduce, though inflation may limit the percentage

CGTN, 11.04.2022

Financial Times, 12.04.2022


China “unswervingly supports” Pakistan amid political instability, as Imran Khan ousted and Shehbaz Sharif becomes new Prime Minister

Khan alleged US involvement behind non-confidence vote as country grew closer to China and Russia in recent years; flagship China-Pakistan project received Chinese investment (US$62 billion) to develop infrastructure in Pakistan, which exports most of its metals to China (esp. copper)

Global Times, 12.04.2022

The Diplomat, 02.04.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

China will plant over 973,000 ha of soybeans and 300,000 ha of oilseed crops on state-owned farms this year, according to plan to increase production and food security

In a recent visit to a seed lab in Hainan province, Xi Jinping called for consistent efforts in developing this industry in the country; China’s dependence rate on foreign grains is estimated at 19%

Global Times, 11.04.2022

China Daily, 12.04.2022

People’s Life and Culture

Mutual aid models encourage elders to volunteer to help citizens and other seniors in need

Credits earned in a “bank of hours” system can be exchanged for care services and pension funds; the government sees voluntary activities as a way of valuing seniors over 60, who now represent ⅕ of the population and are expected to double by 2050

China Daily, 12.04.2022

Global Times, 20.01.2022

Workers who migrated from the countryside to the cities write stories and poems reflecting on the relationship between life and literature

Migrant workers’ literature first appeared in China during the 1980s in Shenzhen, the birthplace of reform and opening up; Beijing’s Picun Literature promotes literary study and exchange between migrant workers and academics from universities and institutions

Sixth Tone, 06.04.2022

Migrant worker Xu Liangyuan and his manuscript, 2021 [Ma Junyan/Sixth Tone]

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