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“Home fitness” by Li Hao (李昊) [via CCTV]

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Dongsheng member Tings Chak joined Brian Becker on the “The Socialist Program” by BreakThrough News. They discussed China’s foreign policy relating to Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan, and the US and the domestic fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Watch it here.

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China hosts next BRICS summit in June and invites Argentina, which declared interest in joining the platform

The South American country joined the Belt and Road Initiative in February and receives Chinese investment and cooperation on several infrastructure projects; China may support Argentina’s membership in BRICS, as Brazil backs the country’s participation in the Shanghai-based New Development Bank (“BRICS Bank”)

Telam, 07.05.2022

Multipolarista, 09.05.2022

Chinese imports from Russia surge 56.6% year-on-year in April, hitting record of US$8.89 billion

Rising oil and gas prices are the main cause, while Chinese exports to Russia fall 25.9%; Chinese Ambassador to Moscow Zhang Hanhui says NATO sanctions have brought difficulties, but both countries will continue to cooperate on energy, military and space technology, and the de-dollarization of bilateral trade, investment, and credit

South China Morning Post, 09.05.2022

South China Morning Post, 09.05.2022

China turns to coal to secure short-term energy supply amid global price hikes, lifting import tariffs and boosting domestic production

Sanctions on Russia slow energy transition in China, which imports 44% of the cleaner natural gas and ⅔ of crude consumption (2021); after eight gas/diesel price-hikes since January, central bank offers credit lines (US$15 billion) to support domestic coal production, set to increase (+300 million tons, 2022)

Sixth Tone, 10.05.2022

Caixin Global, 05.05.2022

National Politics

John Lee Ka-chiu will become Hong Kong’s next chief executive, with housing, national security, and international competitiveness as top priorities

Lee secures 99.2% of votes by 1,461-member Election Committee, as sole candidate and with firm Beijing endorsement; working 30 years in policing, the former secretary of security during 2019 protests will assume his new post on 1 July

South China Morning Post, 08.05.2022

Global Times, 08.05.2022

China will create testing booths within 15-minute walking-distance in major cities, requiring negative Covid-19 test results to move around

Massive testing costs could account for 0.2% to 1.8% of GDP, however, some economists predict that new strategy could avoid long roadblocks, reducing the impact of zero Covid policies on GDP by 1.6 percentage points

South China Morning Post,  10.05.2022

Caixin Global, 07.05.2022

People’s Life and Culture

Due to China’s low Covid-19 infection rates and concerns of vaccine side-effects, many Chinese seniors are hesitant to get vaccinated

With voluntary vaccination, medical teams face difficulties in convincing families to have elders get vaccinated; a recurring problem is the “coupling effect” in which elders fall ill due to unrelated health conditions after vaccination, blaming the vaccine

Caixin Global, 07.05.2022

More Chinese people working out at home with the help of the Internet and video games could grow the industry to US$133 billion by 2026

During the recent lockdowns, live broadcasts by Taiwanese trainer Liu Genghong went viral and total fitness videos on Douyin increased 134% and its followers 208% (2021); with government encouragement, number of Chinese exercising could increase from 300 to 420 million (2021-26)

China Daily, 07.05.2022

Sixth Tone, 22.04.2022


Cargo turnover at major Chinese ports drops 5.1% year-on-year in mid-April due to Covid-19 restrictions

Over 50% of companies with annual exports between US$7.36 million and US$14.7 million reported a year-on-year drop in sales; importers turn to countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Mexico, though substitution is considered temporary due to China’s higher logistical efficiency and production capacity

Caixin Global, 09.05.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

Green hydrogen production is expected to grow from 1% to 10% (2019-30), an important part of China’s long-term decarbonization goals

China is the world’s largest hydrogen producer, with 33 million tons produced in 2021; estimated domestic demand for hydrogen, currently at 20 million t/year, will increase to 35 million (2030) and 60 million (2050)

South China Morning Post, 03.05.2022

China Daily, 03.05.2022

Shandong and Fujian provinces will reallocate fuel subsidies to the fishing industry to combat overfishing and protect the ocean environment

New “fishery stewardship” subsidy requires compliance with closed seasons and responsible fishing, but monitoring remains a challenge; implemented in 2006, government aid to address rising oil prices helped fishers but led to overfishing and stock depletion

China Dialogue, 04.05.2022

Drying fish in Duoshi Village in Qingdao, Shandong province, 6 December 2020 [Xinhua/Liang Xiaopeng]

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