No.02 | 30.05.2020

Deputies attend the third session of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) as it opens in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing [Photo: Xinhua]

National Politics

The “Two Sessions”, the country’s most important annual political meeting, ended last Thursday

It includes the National People’s Congress (NPC), the national legislative body, and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)


Application of the National Security Law in Hong Kong is necessary to guarantee Chinese sovereignty over its territory and does not contradict the principle of “One country, two systems”

The reaction of the US and its allies reflects the colonialist view that continues to regard the Chinese region as the West’s port

Even if the White House suspends Hong Kong’s trade privileges, economic impact will be negligible

According to a Deutsche Bank analyst, 99% of Hong Kong’s exports to the US will not be affected as they are already taxed according to their place of origin, especially Mainland China

According to former Bush-era State Department adviser, China already threatens US military supremacy due to it’s sophisticated defense system

With the use of artificial intelligence, drones, and hypersonic missiles, the Chinese would already be able to weaken the US military operational system

White House applies trade sanctions on 33 more Chinese companies and research centers in the areas of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and surveillance

Chinese protest against arbitrary measures as companies will suffer varied impacts

Science and Technology

Project presented at the National People’s Congress foresees the creation of a USD 14 billion fund to finance high-end chip production within two years

The goal is to break the dependence on US technology and replace imports that surpassed USD 300 billion last year  

China plans to invest USD 1.4 trillion in high technology by 2025 and wants to compete for world leadership with the USA

Alliance between the state and giants like Huawei, Alibaba and Tencent is even more strategic after Washington escalates sanctions against Chinese companies


Chinese exports grew 8.2% in April, and the private sector accounted for 52% of almost USD 200 billion total

There was an annual drop in commercial transactions with the EU (6.5%) and the US (12.8%) and an increase with Southeast Asian countries (5.7%), which are now China’s main partners

China Daily, 25.05.2020

Despite advances, Chinese economy still advises prudence, and People’s Bank of China announces more anti-cyclical measures

Profits of state-owned companies (USD 58 billion) fell 63% annually in the first quarter; industry profits fell in April (-4.3% annually), but with good recovery in relation to March (-34.9% annually); new investments by technological giants: Tencent (USD 70 billion in 5 years) and Alibaba (USD 28 billion in 3 years)

Government plans to advance development strategy in Western China to reduce historical inequality in the region

Since 1999, GDP has grown at an average annual of 10.9% and poverty decreased from 17.5% to 1.1%, exceeding the national average

Agriculture and Environment

With the intervention of a state-owned grain reserves company (CGRC) and the government’s complex logistics operations, China guaranteed the supply of grains and the health of workers during the pandemic.  

CGRC made use of its reserves to maintain the supply of raw materials to food industry. Production was normalized in March

Small farmers sell organic products directly to consumers through live streaming and online commerce on the Rural Taobao platform

Hua Xi, Guizhou deputy in the NPC, says that beyond profit, “we want more people to learn about rural China” and return home to “make changes”

People’s Life and Culture

Cultural sector tries to reinvent itself and discovers new possibilities in times of pandemic, but comes up against market limits

Online experience has massively expanded access to museums, film, and debates, but performing arts face a challenge. The state needs to play a more active role

The trajectory of Ma Huijuan: 40 year old peasant, self-taught writer and NPC deputy reflects on profound changes in the country in recent decades

As a deputy, Ma wants to work for more people to feel the “power of culture”, because despite significant economic advances in her region, “cultural soil is still arid”

A string quartet practices for an online concert last month in Beijing. [Photo: Xinhua]