No. 104 | 25.06.2022

Livestream show in a tea farm in Taipingxi Township, Hubei Province, 19 February 2021 [People’s Daily Online / Zhang Guorong]


US law banning imports of Xinjiang products for alleged use of “forced labor” comes into effect

Beijing raises concerns that Washington is trying to provoke a regional crisis and says it may apply retaliatory measures, while Western companies in Xinjiang (Volkswagen, Skechers, etc.) deny accusations; experts fear impact on global supply chain, as Xinjiang produces 45% of polysilicon for solar panels, 25% of tomatoes, and 20% of cotton in the world

South China Morning Post, 22.06.2022

Global Times, 21.06.2022

Chinese oil imports from Russia (8.42 million ton) soar 55% year-on-year in May, while liquefied natural gas imports (400,000 ton) jump 56% 

Overtaking Saudi Arabia again after 19 months, Russia is once again the largest supplier of oil to China, which is taking advantage of large discounts given by the Russians (due to NATO sanctions) to increase its fossil fuel reserves

Reuters, 20.06.2022

Chinese citizen is arrested in Zambia over widely-circulated racist videos with children from a Malawian village

Lu Ke – who will be deported to Malawi – was denounced by African reporters for selling videos in which children unknowingly repeat racist phrases about themselves in Mandarin; China’s top diplomat in Africa, Wu Peng, says the government will continue to fight racial discrimination videos

That’s Mags, 22.06.2022

National Politics

China implements stricter rules for families of party cadres to prevent abuses of power in an ongoing anti-corruption campaign

Officials at the level of department head, or higher, will be required to report annually on their families’ business dealings; if conflicts of interest are proven, businesses will be terminated, and the higher the positions, the stricter the rules

Asia Times, 21.06.2022

South China Morning Post, 21.06.2022


Central government seeks to boost domestic demand with US$45 billion investment in railroads, rural road construction, and renovation

Following year-over-year growth in investment in manufacturing (15.6%), fixed assets (9.3%) and infrastructure (8.5%) in Q1 2022, China accelerates investment, with local governments issuing US$276 billion in bonds for this year

Caixin Global, 15.06.2022

BRICS countries hold new summit and are seen as a stabilizing factor in regional development and global supply chain

BRICS represent 26% of GDP, 20% of foreign trade, and 42% of the global population; BRICS bank plans to invest US$30 billion as financial support to member countries (2022-26), of which 40% will be earmarked to combat climate change

CGTN, 21.06.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

Government issues 19 measures to accelerate water conservation projects, involving renovating irrigation areas to reinforcing dangerous reservoirs

By 2022, the central government will invest US$1 billion to renovate 76 large-scale irrigation areas; by the end of May, 58 sites carried out water-saving renovations in 405 medium-sized irrigation areas 

Seetao, 20.06.2022

Science and Technology

China launches its first supercarrier using an electromagnetic system, increasing its capacity by over 60 aircraft (from 30)

The Fujian Type-003 is the first non-US aircraft carrier to rival the US Navy’s similar Ford and Nimitz, and is capable of supporting over 80,000 tons; by 2050, China aims to make its Navy operate on an equal footing with that of the U.S

Think China, 20.06.2022

People’s Life and Culture

More young people choose to work in villages or grassroots communities with government and university incentives, amid growing urban unemployment

Over the past three years, 70% of university graduates gained employment in small cities and rural areas and 60% chose to work in lesser developed central and western regions of China, assisting with rural revitalization

Global Times, 16.06.2022

Qiao Yu (1927-2022), China’s most famous songwriter of over 1,100 songs over a seven-decade career, passes away at 94 years-old

At four years-old, Qiao had learned over 3,000 Chinese characters and recited ancient poems; rising to fame during the 1950s with revolutionary classics such as My Motherland, his songs became the soundtrack of New China since the revolution

Sixth Tone, 20.06.2022

China Daily, 21.06.2022

Legendary composer Qiao Yu (1927-2022)

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