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Protests in Taiwan against Nancy Pelosi’s visit [Weibo]

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The Crane: An Africa-China Podcast launches its third episode, and Mika and Amadeus unpack the “debt trap” myth through recent studies (listen in English on Spotify and Apple). 

After the visit to Taiwan by the US Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, Dongsheng members provide a broader analysis on the heightening tensions between US and China. Gisela Cernadas speaks with Barricada Tevé in Argentina (Spanish), Marco Fernandes with TVT’s Bom Para Todos in Brazil (Portuguese), and Tings Chak with Abby Martin and Mike Prysner in their new show, Dosed (English).

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Nancy Pelosi conducts visit to Taiwan and escalates diplomatic tensions, despite sharp criticism from Beijing over violation of “One China Principle”

Speaker of the House of Representatives is the highest US official to visit the island since 1997 and receives a medal from local leader Tsai Ing-wen; according to analysts, disregard for the “Three Communiqués” signed by both countries could mean the end of an era in Sino-US relations

South China Morning Post, 04.08.2022

CGTN, 30.07.2022

China sanctions Pelosi and her family and suspends cooperation and dialogue with the US on issues such as climate change, maritime security, and transnational crimes

Meanwhile, the PLA holds military exercises and training activities in six areas surrounding Taiwan from August 4-7, sending over 100 aircraft into Taiwan’s airspace and ballistic missiles over the island, for the first time

CGTN, 05.08.2022

China Daily, 05.08.2022

Global Times, 05.08.2022

China will investment less in Belt and Road infrastructure megaprojects in Africa, giving more attention to smaller but profitable ventures

Beijing aims to reduce African countries’ debts to Chinese banks, and projects a greater role for private entities in small, low-risk projects; loans to Africa dropped from US$28.4 billion (2016) to US$1.9 billion (2020)

South China Morning Post, 01.08.2022

National Politics

Beijing bans mainland entities and individuals from cooperating with Taiwanese separatist foundations

Imports of 2,066 food items from more than 100 companies in Taiwan and the export of sand, key to its construction sector, were also banned; China does not rule out more severe punishments such as a ban on industrial and high-tech products

Global Times, 04.08.2022

Xinhua, 03.08.2022

People’s Life and Culture

Pelosi’s visit triggers widespread public discussion and anger, with up to 83 million viewers following her flight radar

Weibo servers were overloaded temporarily with 25 of 50 related trending topics and “There is only One China” hashtag receiving 320 million views; meanwhile several Taiwan-based groups held rallies opposed to the visit at an US institute, airport, and hotel

Global Times, 03.08.2022

What’s on Weibo, 02.08.2022

Chinese people’s relationship with the English language has shifted over last decades, from the symbol of imperialism to economic progress

During the Cold War, English was deemed the “imperialist language” before relations with the USSR soured but afterreform period, more Chinese studied abroad and English entered national core curriculum; recent reforms targeting private education industry brought English learning back into public debate

World of Chinese, 30.09.2011

South China Morning Post, 11.09.2021

Local governments give “snail awards” to public officials to correct their behavior and better serve the people’s needs

Citizens and officials themselves voted anonymously for those who act slowly, inefficiently, and irresponsibly; experts argue that the measure should be temporary and that a comprehensive, scientific, and effective evaluation and oversight mechanism is needed

Global Times, 02.08.2022


Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in China increases 22% year-on-year in in first half-year of 2021, reaching US$112.4 billion

FDI increased from South Korea (37%), the US (26%), and Germany (14%) and  high-tech industries received almost 34% more investment and the service sector (9%) in FDI; the number of ventures over US$ 100 million grew 30% from the previous year

Yicai Global, 29.07.2022

Manufacturing PMI falls to 49 in July (50.2 in June), despite recent signs of moderate recovery

The index – below 50 – projects contraction in manufacturing and insufficient market demand is the main difficulty facing sector firms, in addition to the impacts of COVID-19 and power supply disruptions; however, construction sub-index rose to 59.2 in July (56.6 in June)

South China Morning Post, 31.07.2022

CGTN, 01.08.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

China’s medical waste management is approved by international authorities and its experience has been useful for other countries

China established a comprehensive and standardized system for the collection, transportation, and disposal of medical waste generated by mass COVID-19 testing; by the end of 2021, China had 540 units that could dispose of 2.15 million tons of medical waste annually, 39% more than it generated in 2019

Global Times, 02.08.2022

Medical waste at the west campus of Wuhan Union Hospital [Xinhua]

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