No. 111 | 13.08.2022

Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Chengdu, Sichuan, 21 May 2021 [Xinhua]


China will reduce import tariffs for 16 of the world’s poorest countries by 98% of taxable products

The cuts, some announced at the last China-Africa Forum (FOCAC), will begin in September, including 8,786 items for countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Djibouti, Rwanda, and Togo, with the aim of encouraging local production; the initiative is expected to gradually expand to other “less developed countries” and could encourage the use of the yuan in trade agreements

South China Morning Post, 08.08.2022

China has made nearly US$26 billion in loans to address balance of payments problems in Pakistan and Sri Lanka

Survey shows a shift in the Belt and Road Initiative, from loans to finance infrastructure to credits to ease foreign currency shortages (US$900 billion since 2013); about 60% of China’s overseas lending currently goes to countries that are struggling with debt

Bloomberg, 03.08.2022

Science and Technology

China overtakes the US to become a global leader in a number of the most cited scientific papers, according to a recent report

Among the top 1% of most cited papers in the world, 27.2% (4,744) are Chinese and 24.9% (4,330) are from the US, while China continues to lead in total number of papers published (407,181), with the US in second (293,434); research will determine hegemony in crucial fields such as artificial intelligence and quantum technology

Nikkei Asia, 10.08.2022


Chinese companies’ revenues (US$11.71 trillion) surpass those of US companies (US$11.34 trillion) in the Fortune Global 500 for the first time

China has three state-owned energy giants (State Grid, CNPC, and Sinopec) among the five largest companies in the world, and 87 of the 145 Chinese companies on the list are majority or wholly state-owned, compared to only 3 in the US; average Chinese profit (US$4.1 billion) is still below the overall average (US$6.2 billion)

Fortune, 06.08.2022

CGTN, 06.08.2022

Mainland China remains Taiwan’s largest trading partner, despite reduced investment in recent years

Over the past five years, Taiwan has sold 28.21% of its total products to mainland China, mainly chips – 62% of the total (US$792 billion of US$155 billion) in 2021 – machinery, tools, plastics, rubbers, and chemicals

South China Morning Post, 07.08.2022

National Politics

China issues new white paper on the Taiwan issue and expands military exercises around the island

The document reaffirms the commitment of the CPC and the Chinese people to national reunification and cites historical facts and case law reaffirming that Taiwan is part of China; at the same time, the military drills, which may become routine, are intended to deter separatists and outside interference forces

Global Times, 08.08.2022

CGTN, 10.08.2022


Hainan, Xinjiang, and Tibet test their pandemic control measures, facing a new Omicron outbreak

Tibet region, facing its first outbreak since 2020, organized centers for mass testing but must resolve shortages of medical staff and oxygen; Hainan, which has recorded more than 500 cases per day, allowed stranded tourists to return home and will fine traders taking advantage of the outbreak by raising prices

Global Times, 09.08.2022

Global Times, 09.08.2022

Global Times, 09.08.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

Seeking to ensure food security, China resumes national soil survey that will be completed in second half of 2025

According to smaller-scale monitoring, over the past four decades, Chinese soil has suffered from worsening heavy metal pollution, rapid acidification, and changes in organic content; two-thirds of all soil is of low or medium quality and topsoil quality is low

China Dialogue, 02.08.2022

China warns that its temperatures are rising faster than the global average

Temperatures have been rising 0.26°C per decade since 1951, above the world average of 0.15°C; in 2021, China’s coastal water levels were the highest since 1980 and this year alone 131 weather stations recorded temperatures at or above historical highs (62 last year)

Reuters, 02.08.2022

People’s Life and Culture

Chinese companies see a surge in popularity or public condemnation by Chinese netizens in response to their position on Taiwan

Want Want Group, a Taiwan-based snack manufacturer, boosted its sales after demonstrating against Nancy Pelosi’s visit; meanwhile, Snickers China publicly apologized after internet users complained about a video in which Taiwan was said to be a country

Global Times, 05.08.2022

Global Times, 08.08.2022

A live streaming room of Taiwan-based Want Want Group [Global Times]

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