No. 172 | 18.11.2023

This week, we’re sharing the song “Fly” (飞) by the band ANU, sung in the Zang (Tibetan) language.


The US and China agree to restore dialogue between their militaries after Xi Jinping and Joe Biden met in San Francisco

The countries also agreed to establish an intergovernmental dialogue on artificial intelligence, restrict trade in ingredients used to make fentanyl, and renew climate cooperation; Xi criticized the unilateral sanctions and called on the US to adhere to its official position and not support “Taiwan independence” and to stop supplying weapons

South China Morning Post, 15.11.2023

Global Times,  16.11.2023

Morocco builds US$1 billion EV technology and manufacturing hub financed by China

With its proximity to Europe, abundance of critical minerals, tax incentives, and free-trade agreements, Morocco is expected to attract around 200 Chinese companies and major investors in electric vehicles; Sino-German EV battery maker Gotion High-Tech plans to build a US$6 billion battery and energy storage systems factory

South China Morning Post, 11.11.202

National Politics

The GDP of the Xizang Autonomous Region (formerly Tibet Autonomous Region) grew at an annual average of 8.6% in the last decade

From 2012 to 2022, public funding for the region’s education system was 251.51 billion yuan (US$34.5 billion), with an annual average per student of 4,200 yuan (US$576), benefiting more than 6.55 million students; university graduates have doubled and the region’s workforce now has an average of 13.1 years of education

Global Times, 10.11.2023

Global Times, 10.11.2023

Global Times, 12.11.2023

For the full white paper on governance policies in Xizang

Xi Jinping promotes “Fengqiao experience” to resolve social conflicts at the grassroots level

Originating in the Mao-era, Fengqiao experience aims to galvanize mass participation in local governance and avoid over reliance on higher legal bodies; this model focuses on collective approaches to problem-solving and conflict resolution, relying on preventive measures (mediation, education) and grassroots organizations (neighborhood committees, community forums)

South China Morning Post, 11.11.2023

International Journal of Conflict and Violence, 2023


In the third quarter, BYD increased sales by 23% worldwide, selling just 3,500 fewer electric cars than Tesla

The company lowers costs by controlling much of the supply chain: it not only manufactures its own batteries, but even its transport ships, and produces up to 75% of the components of its cars; BYD sold over two million units in 2023, and leads in sales in China, Thailand, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Brazil

Nikkei Asia, 08.11.2023

Yahoo Finance, 17.11.2023

China’s chipmaking equipment imports rose 93% despite restrictions by the US and its allies

The increase was in the third quarter of the year compared to the same period in 2022; imports from the Netherlands increased more than six-fold (with China accounting for 46% of ASML’s sales), from Japan up by 40%, and even from the US, which has export restrictions, increased by 20%

Nikkei Asia, 14.11.2023

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

More than 96% of autumn grains were harvested and annual production to reach record high despite weather events

Grain production again exceeded the 650 billion kg target for the ninth consecutive year; soybean acreage exceeded 10 million hectares the past two years, accounting for one-third of the total US annual acreage for the crop

South China Morning Post, 13.10.2023

China’s carbon dioxide emissions expected to fall by 2024 as a result of record growth in new energy sources, study estimates

According to a Helsinki-based Research Center, China will add 210GW of solar power, 70GW of wind power, 7GW of hydropower and 3GW of nuclear power generation capacity in 2023; in the third quarter, China’s emissions rose 4.7% year-on-year, and oil consumption increased 19%, amid efforts to ensure energy security

South China Morning Post, 13.11.2023

People’s Life and Culture

Popular trend of movie and series “recap videos” on China’s video platforms is a time-saving way to keep up with the times

Non-Chinese movies and shows are especially popular on these types of videos, as it is generally difficult to access their full versions within China; although large streaming companies sued platforms such as Bilibili or Douyin (TikTok), the popularity of these videos led to agreements to allow the use of copyrighted content

The World of Chinese, 08.11.2023

Boxing is gaining popularity among women in China, who are looking to break away from traditional gender norms

Some women are taking up boxing as a way to learn self-defense, while others are looking for a more muscular physique; professional boxing or UFC competitors are inspiring women who have re-signified the term “female boxer” (nǚ quán), sometimes used to disparage feminism, and adopted it as a badge of pride

Sixth Tone, 07.11.2023

CGTN, 26.03.2023

Wu Yu being crowned flyweight champion at the World Boxing Championships, New Delhi, India, 25.03.2023 [Xinhua]

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