No. 25 | 07.11.2020

Demonstration of AI-driven robot playing table tennis [Ding Ting/Xinhua News Agency]

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National Politics

Communist Party of China’s Central Committee announces 14th Five-Year Plan (2012-25), prioritizing technological self-sufficiency and “dual circulation”

Faced with turbulent international situation, high-tech investment and domestic market expansion will be fundamental pillars to economic development, while the country reaffirms its commitment to multilateralism on issues such as environment, public health and international trade

China announces modernization of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) based on “disruptive technologies”

To safeguard national security and leading up to 100th anniversary in 2027, PLA focuses on breakthrough industries where it has strategic advantage, including quantum systems, hypersonic weapons and AI-driven unpiloted technologies


Zambia secures agreement with China Development Bank (CDB) to suspend US $391 million in debt repayment until April 2021

Trying to avoid a default, Zambia is also negotiating US $2.6 billion debt restructuring with China’s Eximbank, but Eurobond creditors (US $3 billion) have not yet offered deal

Belt and Road member Portugal strengthens economic and political ties with China, while facing US threats

Between 2017-18, China invested US $25.2 billion and proposed conversion of US “ghost” military base on Azores Island into a scientific research institute - Portugal’s former ambassador reaffirms multilateralism over US’s “demonization of China”

China expands hydrological data sharing to Lancang-Mekong River (4,909km) countries to tackle climate change and natural disasters

For past 18 years, China has provided flood-season data to five downstream countries (Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia) and dry season water flow increased by 20% after China’s dam constructions, contrary to US allegations


China suspends Ant Group’s initial public offering (US $39.67 billion) – the largest in history – due to new financial regulations

Government proposal for stricter rules could force Ant to restructure its app-based microlending business model – 40% of its revenues in the first half-year – and delay new IPO by months

China cut tax and fee by US $311.22 billion from January to September, 65% of which helped minimize the effects of COVID-19

Tax departments have also helped exporters’ shift to the domestic market, expanding their income from domestic sales during January–September by 7.7% year-on-year

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

Third-generation hybrid rice yields record-breaking 23 tons/hectare in Hunan, 10-20% higher than other varieties

One hectare of the high-quality, resilient and easy-to-breed “Sanyou No 1” strain can feed up to 75 people; technique could help safeguard China’s food security, be applied to other grains and be distributed internationally

20 years after construction, Three Gorges Dam passes all tests and plays key role in flood control and clean electricity generation

World’s largest hydropower project on the Yangtze river generated 1.35 trillion kWh of electricity and reduced flood peak by 40% and CO2 emissions by 1.169 billion tons

Science and Technology

Huawei passes all international 5G standard and security evaluations, countering unfounded US attacks against Chinese technology

As the largest contributor to 5G data, Huawei’s security standards have been adopted by the industry and its products and solutions have received over 270 international security certificates (CC, FIPS, CSA, NESAS, etc.)

Scientists discover DNA of ancient humans in Gansu Province caves that date from 100,000 to 45,000 years ago

More than 10,000 specimens of the Denisovan subspecies are just “tip of the iceberg”, offering new insights into the ancestry of East and Southeast Asian and Native American peoples

People’s Life and Culture

China ranks third out of 144 countries in poll on public safety, following Singapore and Turkmenistan

US’s Gallup survey of 175,000 people includes their confidence in local police, experiences of theft/assault and safety while walking home at night (90% of people in China, where violent crime declined for ten years)

Early workers’ communities built during Shanghai’s 1950s industrialization will be renovated as part of new preservation plan

Renovation of the first “model” workers’ housing marks the start of government plan to repair 1.49 million m2 of residences in 24 neighbourhoods in Putuo District

Founder of China’s space program, Qian Xuesen (1911-2009), was a key rocket scientist in US before being deported in anti-communist purge

“The people’s scientist” helped develop US’s jet propulsion technology during WWII before returning to China to launch its first satellite and missile program

Qian Xuesen looking through an optical device used for rocket and missile testing [参考网]