No. 39 | 13.02.2021

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Dear News on China reader,
Yesterday, on February 12th, we celebrated the Chinese New Year and the beginning of the Spring Festival. We dedicate this week’s News on China to the theme, in a different format.
Due to the national holiday, we won’t be launching our newsletter next week, nor the Africa Weekly, but we’ll be back again in the following week.
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We wish you a happy and healthy Year of the Ox!
Dongsheng editorial collective

People’s Life and Culture

“Door gods” are Chinese decorations place on entries to keep evil spirits from entering, 2016 [Xinhua]

Understand the origins, legends and traditions about the Spring Festival – or Chinese new year – the most important holiday of the Chinese people

South African Chinese-descendents celebrate Chinese New Year Cultural Festival at Nan Hua Temple in Bronkhorstspruit, South Africa, 29 January 2017 [CGTN/VCG Photo]

The first Chinese migrant workers arrived in Africa in the 17th century and form many descendent communities on the continent today

“Chunwan” Spring Festival Gala, 1988 [CCTV]

The most viewed show on the planet, the Spring Festival Gala has been broadcast on China’s public station CCTV since 1983

Passengers waiting at Guiyang Railway Station in southwest China’s Guizhou Province, 10 January 2020 [Xinhua/Tao Liang]

During the 40-day Spring Festival, hundreds of millions of Chinese people make the ritual chunyun journey to travel back to their hometowns to visit their families – it is the largest human migration in the world

The World of Chinese, 10.02.2021
Read stories about chunyun here:

National Politics

“Take care and welcome home”, written on the disease control worker’s suit at Shijiazhuang Railway Station, Hebei province, 28 January 2021 [Sixth Tone/People Visual]

Owing to the recent Covid-19 outbreaks in northern China, the government advises people to avoid traveling during the holiday – requiring tests and even offering money; trips are expected to fall by 40% compared to 2019

Wuhan market, 2021 [Global Times/VCG]

Wuhan returns to normal about one year after the Covid-19 outbreak and 76-day lockdown, not forgetting the lessons and scars of the past year