No. 97 | 30.04.2022

Young people posing at the site of the first National Congress of the CPC, Shanghai, 4 May 2021 [Xinhua/Liu Yang]

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As China enters a weeklong holiday starting on 1 May, International Workers’ Day, News on China will be taking a break, returning in two weeks. Happy May Day!

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Solomon Islands signs security deal with China, defends right to sovereignty, and sparks criticism from Washington and allies in the region

US and Australia accuse China of trying to establish a military base in the South Pacific country, but its Prime Minister defends the pact as a domestic security measure; last year, homes and businesses in the country’s Chinatown were destroyed in violent protests

South China Morning Post, 26.04.2022

Global Times, 23.04.2022

Suicide terrorist bombing at Karachi University’s Confucius Institute in Pakistan kills three Chinese professors and a local driver

Separatist group Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) from Baluchistan province claimed responsibility for the attack, the country’s fifth against Chinese people and projects since 2017; nine Chinese and three Pakistanis died in July 2021 near the China-funded Dasu hydroelectric dam, part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Global Times, 26.04.2022


Rapid capital outflows from China in the last two months cause the yuan to fall almost 2% against the US currency (exceeding 6.6/dollar)

Move comes amid market expectations of further interest rate hikes in the US, Omicron surge, and Russia-Ukraine conflict; People’s Bank of China reduces reserve requirements for banks (9% to 8%), releasing about US$10 billion into the market

South China Morning Post, 27.04.2022

Asia Times, 26.04.2022

National Politics

To prevent a Shanghai-like outbreak, Beijing takes tougher measures against Covid-19, implementing massive testing and suspending some activities

Country recently increased booster shots to people aged above 60 (590,000/day in mid-April), but 100 million people remain; 57.3% of Beijing’s elders received three doses and only 38% in Shanghai, which registered 285 deaths (28 April)

Global Times, 26.04.2022

Financial Times, 26.04.2022

Government publishes first official document on youth for the centenary of the Communist Youth League’s founding

Report highlights the contributions of youth in campaigns against Covid-19 and poverty, and their confidence in the national project and socialism, having grown up during period of economic boom and social stability; the League has 84 million members, while ¼ of CPC’s members are under 35 years-old

Global Times, 21.04.2022

Full report

China’s State Council announces first-ever private pension scheme that will allow voluntary deposits and investments in stable financial products

National pension fund expected to run into US$90.18 billion deficit in 2028 due to shrinking workforce and aging population; people aged over 65 have increased from 9.1 to 14.2% (2011-21) of the population

China Briefing, 25.04.2022

Caixin Global, 21.04.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

China clears six new nuclear reactors (about US$18.2 billion) expected to add up to 7.2 GW of power generation capacity

Country plans to increase total nuclear power capacity from 50 to 70 GW by 2025, with its 53 reactors having generated 407.1 billion kW/h (5.02% of total energy) in 2021; two of the new reactors will have 100% Chinese Hualong technology

Caixin Global, 22.04.2022

People’s Life and Culture

Social work plays an increasingly important role in elder care, but sector struggles with professional autonomy, funding, and recognition

Responding to rapid urbanization and migration, professional social work emerged in 1980s/90s and increased in recent years to address aging population (43,600 to 737,000 certified workers, 2010-22), highlighted in poverty alleviation, rural revitalization, and epidemic control programs

The World of Chinese, 24.04.2022

China Daily, 26.04.2022

Chinese women film directors are creating box office hits on diverse topics, including rural development, wars, social issues, and women’s rights

With few women in the first and second generations of directors before 1949, over 50 notable directors have emerged since 1978, alongside boom in film education and production; Jia Ling became the world’s highest-grossing women director of all time with Hi, Mom (2021)

China Pictorial, 13.04.2022

Annual national Youth Day commemorates the May Fourth Movement, an anti-imperialist uprising led by Beijing students in 1919

Outraged by the colonial concessions after WWI by China’s republican government, young intellectuals sought new ideas and culture to awaken a national consciousness and transform the country; Marxist ideas arriving in China inspired the CPC’s (1921) and Youth League’s (1922) founding soon after

Sixth Tone, 04.05.2019

May Fourth Movement “Fight to the Death for Qingdao” [不岛的小站]

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No. 96 | 23.04.2022

Staff members pack daily necessities from group purchases in Shanghai, 13 April 2022 [Zhu Wingxin / China Daily]

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As China faces the largest Covid-19 outbreak since Wuhan, we prepared a special edition looking into the country’s zero Covid policy and its social and economic impacts. For more on Shanghai’s situation from perspectives from within the city, listen to an interview by Covert Action Bulletin with Dongsheng’s Tings Chak (English).

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Covid in China

Zero Covid policy aims to protect vulnerable elders, as Omicron could claim one million lives in three months if left to spread

With 88% of population fully vaccinated, China has registered only 37 deaths in recent outbreaks, but 19% of Chinese aged over 60 are unvaccinated and 50% of those over 80 have received two doses; country needs to vaccinate the elderly, expand online consultation, and stockpile antivirals to move beyond zero Covid

Science, 15.04.2022

CCDC Tracking the Epidemic

Over 20 Chinese cities or regions – about 50 million people – are under “static management” to combat outbreaks of Omicron

More flexible than lockdowns, static management allows greater movement of people after temperature checks and proof of negative tests; Shanghai and Jilin Province experiences exemplify the need to act quickly to curb the variant’s spread before transmission exceeds the control limit

Global Times, 20.04.2022

Global Times, 17.04.2022

Shanghai resumes production at 666 key manufacturers, with “closed-loop management” used at the Winter Olympics

⅓ of residents (7.86 million people) are living in lower-risk “precautionary zones,” with supermarkets, grocery stores, and restaurants approved for reopening; ten deaths recorded earlier this week are related to low vaccination rates among the elderly

South China Morning Post, 20.04.2022

Global Times, 19.04.2022

Shanghai lockdown disrupts international supply chains of goods, including vehicles, semiconductor, and electronics, taking a toll on the economy

With US$627 billion annual GDP, Shanghai has the world’s largest container port and is the hub of China’s vast global trade network; one-month shutdown could reduce income for the city (61%) and country (8.6%) due to disruptions in logistics and increased trade costs

Caixin Global, 18.04.2022

Shanghai residents turn to mutual aid and neighborhood solidarity to face challenges in securing food and basic supplies

With city logistics networks under pressure, housing communities form WeChat messaging groups to share information, organize orders, and buy directly from wholesalers, with women playing a key role in demanding community organizing work; overpricing and unreliable suppliers remains challenging

Global Times, 18.04.2022

Sixth Tone, 19.04.2022


China’s Q1 GDP surpasses expectations, growing 4.8% year-on-year to reach $4.24 trillion, but slows in March

Fixed asset investment (US$1.64 trillion) rises 9.3%, with infrastructure up 8.5% and manufacturing up 15.6%, while retail sales (US$1.7 trillion) grow 3.3%; Covid outbreaks in major Chinese cities are likely to affect GDP in Q2

Global Times, 18.04.2022

National Bureau of Statistics, 18.04.2022

Despite growing tensions with the West, China’s foreign trade (US$1.48 trillion) rises 10.7% year-on-year in Q1

Exports (US$820 billion) grow 13.4% and imports are up 7.5% (US$650 billion), highlighted by a 28% jump in trade with Russia, 9.9% with the US, and 10.2% with the EU

Global Times, 13.04.2022

Global Times, 13.04.2022


Chinese “rice bowls” and food security are guaranteed, despite global spikes in food and fertilizer prices due to Russia-Ukraine conflict

Of China’s total 2021 imports, <1% of its soybeans, wheat, corn, and barley was from Russia, with corn (29%) and barley (26%) from Ukraine; due to high grain stockpiles, China is self-sufficient in wheat, corn, and sorghum, but relies heavily on soybean imports (US, Brazil, Argentina)

Global Times, 07.04.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

The central government invested US$1.53 billion in over 2,000 wetland protection and restoration projects (2016-20)

The Wetlands Protection Law is set to be implemented on June 1st to resolve problems in the identification, protection, and restoration processes; lack of preventative impact assessment and public participation in these spaces remain a problem

Science and Technology Daily, 14.04.2022

China Dialogue, 09.03.2022

People’s Life and Culture

Taiwanese musicians find new audiences through alternative genres and reality TV shows, following a decline in the island’s pop culture influence in recent decades

1960s economic boom sparked Taiwan’s golden age in regional cultural influence, surpassing Chinese mainland music sales in 1993 (reaching US$400 million, 1996) until mainland and K-pop competition grew; today, only 12.5% of 200 trending songs on NetEase are Taiwanese

See music links in The World of Chinese, 17.04.2022

Postage stamps for 20th anniversary of death of Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng, 15 April 2015 []

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