No. 160 | 19.08.2023

We recommend the Tiny Desk session by Cui Jian, a pioneer of Mainland China rock and one of the first Chinese artists to compose contemporary rock songs in Mandarin.


Biden administration signs executive order imposing more restrictions on US investments in China’s high-tech sector

Targeting the semiconductor and microelectronics, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence areas, US authorities justify the measure  by citing once again supposed “national security reasons”; the Chinese government says the action is another element of the US campaign to stifle China’s technological rise

Caixin Global, 11.08.2023

Global Times, 11.08.2023

Renowned biochemist Kunliang Guan returns to China after three decades working in the US, following investigations targeting Chinese researchers

Among 250 professionals penalized for affiliation with Chinese institutions, Guan is a McArthur prize winner and one of the most cited researchers in his field; he is expected to lead a new research laboratory at West Lake University in Hangzhou, continuing his globally renowned research on cellular signaling pathways related to organ development and cancer

South China Morning Post, 15.08.2023

Science and Technology

Investment in research and development (R&D) by Chinese companies more than doubled in the last five years

Listed companies in China invested US$228 billion in R&D programs in 2022, seeking to develop their national products that can replace those of Japanese, American, and European companies; these companies have more than 3 million researchers in R&D teams, the largest of which is electric car giant BYD, with nearly 70,000 employees

Nikkei Asia, 13.08.2023

China launches world’s first high-orbit Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) to improve disaster monitoring

SAR generates high-resolution images over long distances and will contribute to disaster prevention and reduction, earthquake monitoring, and land and resource surveying, among other applications; during the recent heavy rains that hit northern China, 16 satellites provided fast image services to support relief work

Global Times, 13.08.2023

National Politics

New regulations will eliminate a third of China’s hedge funds, increasing minimum values for their liquid assets

From now on, hedge funds must maintain a net asset value of at least 10 million yuan (US$1.2 million) and limit the size of their investments to 25% of their total assets and their leverage levels to 200%; Beijing seeks to eliminate smaller actors that are often responsible for extreme volatility in a sector that has grown sevenfold over the last decade

Asia Times, 12.08.2023

An anti-corruption campaign launched this year in the healthcare sector has resulted in the detention of over 160 hospital directors across the country

The action aims to put an end to illicit practices such as using power to obtain income, bribes, and fraud in the bidding for medicines and equipment; the government aims to regulate both the public and private sector, which received US$15.2 billion in funding during the pandemic, by requiring standardization of medical service prices and payment systems

South China Morning Post, 12.08.2023


Investment in the real estate sector from January to July totaled US$943.5 billion, representing an 8.5% drop compared to the previous year

The cause of the deepening crisis was a 7.6% fall in housing investment, which accounts for about three-quarters of the total; the total value of commercial and residential properties sold in the first seven months was 7.04 trillion yuan (US$965.2 billion), a 1.5% drop from the previous year

Nikkei, 15.08.2023

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

The central government has released renewable energy targets for all provinces this year

The guidelines, which are binding, stipulate what proportion of each province’s energy consumption should come from renewable sources, with the highest (70%) assigned to provinces with the largest hydroelectric capacities (Sichuan, Yunnan, and Qinghai); in addition, each province also received a different target for non-hydro renewable energy consumption, with Qinghai (27.2%), Ningxia (24.5%), and Jilin (23.5%) having the highest targets

Caixin Global, 10.08.2023

China has published its first set of guidelines to standardize the hydrogen energy industry

By 2025, the country aims to establish an industrial system that standardizes hydrogen energy production, storage, transportation, and utilization; as the world’s largest hydrogen producer (33 million tons per year), China sees the resource as an important means of transitioning to a low-carbon economy

Global Times, 08.08.2023

People’s Life and Culture

Two years after the ban on extracurricular private lessons, many parents continue to maintain the practice

Although regulation has put an end to the US$70 billion private tutoring market, demand from families has not diminished and they now hire illegal private teachers or study trips to give children advantages in education; the government seeks to discourage these practices, which represent the biggest expense for many families

South China Morning Post, 15.08.2023

“The Long March-2B” rocket takes off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, carrying the “Soil Exploration – 4 01” satellite, 13.08.2023 [CNSA]

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No. 105 | 02.07.2022

Flags of Hong Kong SAR and the People’s Republic of China, 29 June 2022 [Global Times/Pengpai]

Dear reader,

This week, Dongsheng’s Marco Fernandes spoke on Li Jingjing’s show, Talk it Out, about the role of BRICS, China-Brazil relations, and unity of Global South countries (English). At the People’s Summit for Democracy in Los Angeles, Tings Chak spoke with Brian Becker of BreakThrough News on the two-year anniversary of Dongsheng‘s founding and the importance of alternative media in confronting anti-China news and disinformation (English).

—Dongsheng editorial collective


China hosts BRICS online summit, which sees increased calls for building financial alternatives to the dollar 

President Putin says an international mechanism based on a currency basket is being discussed; countries also declared support for Russian-Ukrainian dialogue for a peaceful solution to the conflict, while Argentina and Iran officially applied for bloc membership, expected to happen soon

Global Times, 22.06.2022

CGTN, 24.06.2022

Telesur, 27.06.2022

G7 announces new US$600 billion infrastructure financing project for the Global South to compete with China

Global Investment and Infrastructure Partnership launches just one year after the “Build Back Better World” – with the same goal – was announced at the previous G7 meeting, without ever getting off the ground; China welcomes initiative, but rejects attempt to smear the BRI

The Guardian, 26.06.2022

CGTN, 27.06.2022

National Politics

China reduces quarantine time for foreign arrivals in the largest relaxation of rules since the pandemic began, based on lessons learned in Shanghai

Hotel quarantine was reduced from 14 to seven days, and home isolation from seven to three days, with five mandatory tests, based on the finding that Omicron has a shorter average incubation period (2 to 4 days) that can be detected in up to seven days

South China Morning Post, 28.06.2022

July 1st marks 25 years since the return of Hong Kong to China after 156 years of British colonial rule

Xi Jinping attends the celebrations in his first trip leaving the mainland since the pandemic; priorities include integrating the city with the Greater Bay Area that generates US $1.97 trillion GDP, 2021 (12% of national total), securing national security, and increasing participation in national governance

South China Morning Post, 25.05.2022

CGTN, 29.06.2022


People’s Bank of China (PBOC) creates a yuan reserve fund with the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Switzerland, creating another alternative to the dollar

Initiative seeks to provide liquidity to the participating central banks of Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Chile; each country contributes with a minimum of 15 billion yuan (US$2.2 billion) to access the fund in case of market volatility, dispensing with the use of the US currency

New Delhi Television, 28.06.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

China’s Sinopec produces its first aviation fuel from used cooking oil at a plant capable of processing 100,000 tons of oil per year

The country is also making a green, low-carbon transition in shipping and builds the first methanol-propelled tanker, which can reduce CO2 emissions by 75%; global demand for biokerosene could range from two to six billion liters by 2026

Reuters, 28.06.2022

People’s Daily Online, 27.06.2022

China made 43 agreements with 38 countries to cooperate with states vulnerable to climate change and face challenges in green transition

In addition to allocating 1.2 billion yuan (US$178 million) for this South-South cooperation, the country has offered training programs for about 2,000 officials and technicians in climate-related positions from 120 countries 

China Daily, 24.06.2022

Science and Technology

The 31 fastest-growing institutions between 2020 and 2021 in Nature Index, which tracks scientific output across institutions and countries, are from China

Growing Chinese government investment in research and development – which accounted for 2.4% of the country’s GDP in 2021 – continues to be a factor in China’s rise; research spending as a percentage of GDP in China has increased steadily from 0.56% to 2.14% (1996-2018)

Nature, 16.06.2022

People’s Life and Culture

In a year with record graduates (10.8 million), graduations in China become more creative and increasingly adopt local cultural symbols

This year, universities promoted the use of traditional dress, marches, and drums (Jiangsu Normal University), parades with floats using tractors and harvesters (Huazhong Agricultural University) and concerts with popular music broadcast online (Qingdao University)

The World of Chinese, 23.06.2022

Young people from Hong Kong, ranked the most unaffordable housing market 12 years in a row, are turning to mainland’s Greater Bay Area

Housing prices increased 140% since the 1997 handover, requiring average families to save 23.2 years (without any other expenses) to afford a home; a 100m² Hong Kong apartment costs US$2.85 million vs. US$294,000-442,000 in mainland’s Dongguan

South China Morning Post, 28.06.2022

Students in traditional Hanfu at their graduation ceremony, Hebei, 16 June3 2015 [CNS/Jia Minjie]

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No. 104 | 25.06.2022

Livestream show in a tea farm in Taipingxi Township, Hubei Province, 19 February 2021 [People’s Daily Online / Zhang Guorong]


US law banning imports of Xinjiang products for alleged use of “forced labor” comes into effect

Beijing raises concerns that Washington is trying to provoke a regional crisis and says it may apply retaliatory measures, while Western companies in Xinjiang (Volkswagen, Skechers, etc.) deny accusations; experts fear impact on global supply chain, as Xinjiang produces 45% of polysilicon for solar panels, 25% of tomatoes, and 20% of cotton in the world

South China Morning Post, 22.06.2022

Global Times, 21.06.2022

Chinese oil imports from Russia (8.42 million ton) soar 55% year-on-year in May, while liquefied natural gas imports (400,000 ton) jump 56% 

Overtaking Saudi Arabia again after 19 months, Russia is once again the largest supplier of oil to China, which is taking advantage of large discounts given by the Russians (due to NATO sanctions) to increase its fossil fuel reserves

Reuters, 20.06.2022

Chinese citizen is arrested in Zambia over widely-circulated racist videos with children from a Malawian village

Lu Ke – who will be deported to Malawi – was denounced by African reporters for selling videos in which children unknowingly repeat racist phrases about themselves in Mandarin; China’s top diplomat in Africa, Wu Peng, says the government will continue to fight racial discrimination videos

That’s Mags, 22.06.2022

National Politics

China implements stricter rules for families of party cadres to prevent abuses of power in an ongoing anti-corruption campaign

Officials at the level of department head, or higher, will be required to report annually on their families’ business dealings; if conflicts of interest are proven, businesses will be terminated, and the higher the positions, the stricter the rules

Asia Times, 21.06.2022

South China Morning Post, 21.06.2022


Central government seeks to boost domestic demand with US$45 billion investment in railroads, rural road construction, and renovation

Following year-over-year growth in investment in manufacturing (15.6%), fixed assets (9.3%) and infrastructure (8.5%) in Q1 2022, China accelerates investment, with local governments issuing US$276 billion in bonds for this year

Caixin Global, 15.06.2022

BRICS countries hold new summit and are seen as a stabilizing factor in regional development and global supply chain

BRICS represent 26% of GDP, 20% of foreign trade, and 42% of the global population; BRICS bank plans to invest US$30 billion as financial support to member countries (2022-26), of which 40% will be earmarked to combat climate change

CGTN, 21.06.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

Government issues 19 measures to accelerate water conservation projects, involving renovating irrigation areas to reinforcing dangerous reservoirs

By 2022, the central government will invest US$1 billion to renovate 76 large-scale irrigation areas; by the end of May, 58 sites carried out water-saving renovations in 405 medium-sized irrigation areas 

Seetao, 20.06.2022

Science and Technology

China launches its first supercarrier using an electromagnetic system, increasing its capacity by over 60 aircraft (from 30)

The Fujian Type-003 is the first non-US aircraft carrier to rival the US Navy’s similar Ford and Nimitz, and is capable of supporting over 80,000 tons; by 2050, China aims to make its Navy operate on an equal footing with that of the U.S

Think China, 20.06.2022

People’s Life and Culture

More young people choose to work in villages or grassroots communities with government and university incentives, amid growing urban unemployment

Over the past three years, 70% of university graduates gained employment in small cities and rural areas and 60% chose to work in lesser developed central and western regions of China, assisting with rural revitalization

Global Times, 16.06.2022

Qiao Yu (1927-2022), China’s most famous songwriter of over 1,100 songs over a seven-decade career, passes away at 94 years-old

At four years-old, Qiao had learned over 3,000 Chinese characters and recited ancient poems; rising to fame during the 1950s with revolutionary classics such as My Motherland, his songs became the soundtrack of New China since the revolution

Sixth Tone, 20.06.2022

China Daily, 21.06.2022

Legendary composer Qiao Yu (1927-2022)

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No. 103 | 18.06.2022

Learning the Chinese classical instrument, Guqin [ Jin]


China is viewed more positively than the US by African youth for the first time since survey by South African Foundation began in 2020

A qualitative survey of 4,507 young people aged 18 to 24 years from 15 countries finds that 76% think that China positively influences their lives (79% in 2020), while 72% think the same about the US (83% in 2020); Chinese influence is strongest in Rwanda, Malawi, and Nigeria 

Bloomberg, 12.06.2022

Chinese and US defense ministers meet in Singapore amid rising tensions, the first time since Biden was elected

Chinese Minister Wei Fenghe says China will fight to the end against any attempt to support Taiwan’s independence; Biden’s recent statements about the Chinese island have upset Beijing, but both sides agree to maintain frequent communication to minimize risks and crises

South China Morning Post, 10.06.2022

Caixin Global, 12.06.2022

National Politics

To combat short-termism, government instructs Chinese mutual funds industry (US$3.8 trillion) to limit executive compensation to reduce wealth imbalances 

At least 40% of bonus payments to senior employees must be deferred for three years or more, and executives must invest at least 20% of their bonuses in their companies’ financial products, according to new guidelines

Reuters, 10.06.2022

Customers of embattled banks in Zhengzhou receive sudden pandemic-related restrictions when trying to withdraw money from their accounts, raising suspicions of data manipulation

Upon receiving a “red health code” – indicating high Covid-19 risk – numerous customers coming from other cities were prevented from accessing transportation networks, public services, and even going to banks to complain; evidence of an app breach is being investigated by local authorities

Global Times, 14.06.2022

Sixth Tone, 14.06.2022

Tangshan government launches campaign against criminal gangs after violent restaurant attack on several women 

Captured by security cameras, nine men were arrested after the incident in the northern Chinese city sent shockwaves around the country; a two-week blitz campaign focusing on violence against women, extortion, gambling, sex work, and scams has been launched

South China Morning Post, 13.06.2022


Main indicators of the Chinese economy improve in May, with the exception of household consumption 

In May, industry value added grew 0.7% year-on-year, overcoming the 2.9% drop in April, foreign trade (US$511 billion) rose 9.6% year-on-year and exports (US$293 billion) jumped from 3.9% in April to 15.3%; retail sales reached US$497 billion (-6.7%), improving from the 11.1% drop in April

CGTN, 10.06.2022

Read the National Bureau of Statistics of China Report, 15.06.2022

May’s economic improvement generates confidence in the ability to reverse April’s drop and reach the annual growth target of 5.5% 

In the year-to-date, the industrial aggregate value grew 3.3% (in the January-May interannual comparison), 5.29 million jobs were created in urban areas, and the value of exports totaled US$ 1.33 billion (+11.4%); but services and retail sales remain in decline, -0.7% and -1.5%

South China Morning Post, 15.06.2022

Read the National Bureau of Statistics of China Report, 15.06.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

Renewable energy development in rural areas combines poverty alleviation with greenhouse gas reduction targets

Since 2014, solar farms with a combined capacity of more than 26 million kW have benefited over four million families in need; government estimates that a village with two 5 MW wind energy units occupying 200 m² can increase residents’ income by US$45,073/year  

Beijing Review, 14.06.2022

China reduced nearly the same amount of air pollution in seven years than the US did in three decades

The amount of harmful particulate matter in China’s air dropped by 40% (2013-20) and, if maintained, could add about two years to average life expectancy, according to the University of Chicago; Chinese average airborne particulate matter remains six times higher than WHO recommendations

Bloomberg, 14.06.2022

People’s Life and Culture

Recent US-China study gives new insights on ancient brewing practices of rice and millet beer in China

Fermentation dakoukangs —large clay basins of the Dawenkou culture dating back 4,600 to 6,700 years — were found in elite burials, likely used as a status symbol and seen as a sacred substance with its symbolic red color and psychoactive effect

South China Morning Post, 03.06.2022

Dakougang for 4,000-year-old rice wine production [Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences]

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No. 102 | 11.06.2022



Cuba and China announce patent for new Pan-Corona vaccine, aiming to protect against future Covid-19 variants

China-Cuba research center in Yongzhou (Hunan province), led by Cuban scientists from the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, developed the vaccine on China’s request; Pan-Corona has the technology of other Cuban Covid-19 vaccines (e.g., Abdala) and Hepatitis B

Granma, 02.06.2022

Joint Columbia-Oxford Universities study refutes Chinese “debt-trap diplomacy” in Africa and highlights debt owed to European bondholders

Chinese entities account for 8% (US$78 billion) of sub-Saharan Africa’s government debt (US$954 billion) and 18% of total external debt, of which ⅓ was owed to bilateral official partners, ⅓ to international financial institutions, and ⅓ in Eurobonds

South China Morning Post, 06.06.2022

Find study here

National Politics

Regular mass testing marks new phase in China’s fight against Covid-19, requiring world-first planning and organization

State-funded system already operates in 55 cities (40% of the population), and requires negative tests from residents (every 2-7 days) to move freely; with 530,000 samplers and 730,000 lab technicians, costs could total US$ 67 billion by 2022 

Caixin Global, 03.06.2022

Record 11.93 million students take college entrance exam (gaokao) with hundreds taking the test in quarantined locations

Class of 2022 is the first to have graduated from high school under the pandemic, which intensified the stress generated by the exam; Shanghai postponed the gaokao to July 7, amid the fight against a Covid-19 outbreak

Sixth Tone, 07.06.2022

South China Morning Post, 07.06.2022


As Asia’s factory offshoring intensifies, China loses ASEAN countries’ export orders to the US, especially Vietnam

Between October 2021 and March 2022, falls in textiles (-5%), furniture (-7%) and mechanical and electrical products (-2%), intensified by Covid-19 outbreaks, but the relocation trend began ten years ago; China’s share of US furniture imports, for example, fell from 68% (2009) to 55.1% (2019)

Caixin Global, 28.05.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

China is expected to meet canola production self-sufficiency with 6.67 million hectares of crops this summer, largest area since 2015

Canola is the largest source of edible vegetable oil in China; harvest jump is due to higher market prices, local government policies, and special fund allocation of US$ 448.2 million to support planting

Global Times, 06.06.2022

Use of plastic mulch in Chinese agriculture in recent decades helped farmers emerge from poverty, but soil contamination has become a problem

China accounts for 74% of total plastic film used globally (1.95 million tons/year), generating US$18.8-23.6 billion/year; government tries to combat use of ultra-thin plastics as research into biodegradable alternatives advances

China Focus, 02.06.2022

Science and Technology

Shenzhou 14 spacecraft begins six-month mission with three taikonauts who will oversee final construction phase of Tiangong space station

Trio will be responsible for docking the 20-ton Wentian and Mengtian laboratory modules, which will enable materials exploration and space science and medicine research; the crew includes Liu Yang, first Chinese woman to go into space (2012)

South China Morning Post, 05.06.2022

South China Morning Post, 04.06.2022

People’s Life and Culture

Older migrant workers face increasing difficulties finding jobs in cities due to hiring age limits and the modernization of industries

Of the 300 million migrant workers, 27.1% are employed in industry, 19% in construction, and 50.9% in services, with 80 million aged 50+ (27.3% of the total); migrants have little social protection, with low skills and education levels 

Caixin Global, 01.07.2022

Bobby’s Factory documents life inside a cosmetics factory run by a Nigerian and Chinese couple in Yiwu, China

Director Zhang Yong uses documentaries to tell everyday stories of Chinese people living in Africa, and vice versa, strengthen Chinese-African relations, and overcome mutual stereotypes, often reinforced by Western and Chinese commercial productions

Sixth Tone, 04.06.2022

A still from the 2021 documentary “Bobby’s Factory” [Douban via Sixth Tone]

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No. 101 | 04.06.2022

Children at The Bund in Shanghai on 1 June 2022 [Xinhua via SCMP]

Dear reader,

This week, Marco Fernandes spoke with TVT’s Bom para Todos (“Good for All”) program about the 100th edition of News on China, the end of the lockdown in Shanghai, and China’s zero Covid policy. Watch here (in Portuguese).

Dongsheng editorial collective


China and Pacific Island countries hold foreign ministers’ meeting during Wang Yi’s visit to the region to complete cooperation agreement

Negotiations advance on issues such as poverty alleviation, climate change, and agriculture, but security and trade face challenges with more consultations ahead; Micronesia – where the US tests missiles – criticized the deal, reflecting White House interests

Global Times, 30.05.2022

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights visits Xinjiang and opens dialogue with Beijing on Uighur controversy

After Michelle Bachelet encouraged Beijing to assess its counterterrorism policy against international standards, the UN and China agreed to create a permanent working group on human rights; she also commended China’s advances in poverty reduction and women’s rights

Global Times, 29.05.2022

UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, 28.05.2022

National Politics

After two months of lockdown, Shanghai begins gradual return to normalcy on June 1st with the reopening of public transportation, offices, commerce, and factories

While residents can move freely, 72-hour negative PCR test results are required to enter enclosed areas and public transportation; these measures are seen to be necessary to maintain health control, since elder vaccination is still insufficient

Global Times, 31.05.2022

Global Times, 01.06.2022

Mass testing expenditure may compete with resources for infrastructure and industrial parks, raising concerns about its impact on the country’s future growth rate

From January 2020 to mid-April 2022, China conducted 11.5 billion PCR tests, estimated to cost US$45.1 billion; but analysts say that spending can be covered by accumulated surplus in the state-run basic medical insurance system

Caixin Global, 26.05.2022 


Shanghai unveils 50-point plan to revive its US$637 billion economy after two-month lockdown

Actions range from helping companies reduce operating costs to incentives to keep jobs; the plan foresees up to US$450,000 per company to fend off large-scale layoffs, a US$1,500 subsidy for electric car purchases, and retail spending coupons

South China Morning Post, 29.05.2022

May manufacturing activity improves in China, with Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) rising to 49.6 (vs. April, 47.4)

12 of the 21 surveyed sectors had PMI expansion above 50, indicating improved activity (April was nine); from January to April, the industry made a total profit of US$397.5 billion, a year-on-year increase of 3.5%

CGTN, 31.05.2022

National Bureau of Statistics of China, 31.05.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

China already has 10% of the world market for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, with the global market expected to reach US$20 billion (2030)

The country has about 7,700 fuel-cell vehicles (mostly state-funded) expected to grow to 50,000 by 2025; though more efficient than electric batteries and solar or wind power, high costs remain a challenge

SCMP, 28.05.2022

Due to the conflict in Ukraine, China returns to buying large quantities of corn from Brazil and may reshape trade with US

About 70% of China’s corn imports in 2021 were from the US and 29% from Ukraine; the country has ordered 250,000 to 400,000 tons of the Brazilian grain, and may encourage farmers in Brazil to grow more corn, taking some of the market away from the US

Global Times, 25.05.2022

Bloomberg, 25.05.2022

Science and Technology

Chinese scientists discover rich uranium deposits at “impossible” depth of 3,000m, which could increase country’s reserves ten-fold

With the fastest growth of nuclear energy supply, China’s demand for uranium relies heavily on imports, 70% from Kazakhstan, Canada, and Australia, which the new deposits could put China on par with

South China Morning Post, 30.05.2022

People’s Life and Culture

Boat racing of the annual Dragon Boat Festival, celebrated this week, is among the traditional Chinese folk sports promoted nationally and internationally

Traditional boat racing attracts 50 million participants in China, 90,000 in North America, and 30,000 in Europe, while the kongzhu yoyo and jianzi “foot badminton” date back over 2,000 years, and popular dance workouts incorporate yangge folk rice harvest dance elements

World of Chinese, 29.05.2022

Kongzhu champion Wang Tianjun of Henan province [VCG via World of Chinese]

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No. 100 | 28.05.2022

Ancient forest in newly discovered sinkhole, Guangxi [Xinhua]

Dear reader,

It’s with great pleasure that we announce our 100th edition of News on China. Two years ago, just as the world was entering the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of researchers – from Argentina to Zambia, Brazil to South Africa, United States to China – realized that it was very difficult to get a balanced view on China. We learned that it was necessary to critically read Western mainstream media on China and also the Chinese media. We started the media digest, News on China, to bring reliable information and facts about the achievements and contradictions of a country that is rapidly changing, while impacting the rest of the world.

Since then, we’ve shared over 1,200 stories in News on China on a variety of topics, produced weekly videos and graphics, as well as launched a new newsletter called Chinese Voices that brings social, economic, and political analyses from Chinese thinkers. Soon, we will launch The Crane: The China-Africa Podcast. We’re on Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram.

We want to thank you, our readers, for following us on this journey. We invite you to keep reading, sharing, and telling us what you think as we bring you the next 100 issues.

As a special treat, here’s a new publication by Tricontinental: Institute on Social Research and with participation by Dongsheng member, Tings Chak. Go to Yan’an: Culture and National Liberation looks at the historical Forum in Yan’an on Literature and Art that took place 80 years ago this month, gathering the country’s writers, artists, and leaders to discuss the cultural path forward, seven years before the 1949 Revolution.

Dongsheng editorial collective


At BRICS foreign ministers meeting, President Xi reaffirms the need to resist the cold war mentality and strengthen cooperation between developing countries

In an official communiqué, countries supported China’s proposal to initiate discussions on criteria and procedures for BRICS expansion; in attendance were Kazakhstan, Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and two other G20 members, Argentina and Indonesia, likely candidates for the new vacancies

South China Morning Post, 20.05.2022

South China Morning Post, 10.05.2022

During Asian visit, Joe Biden announces new Indo-Pacific Economic Framework to counter China in the region, but deal lacks details

Formed by the US and 12 “Indo-Pacific” countries (among them Japan, India, Australia, and South Korea), the agreement proposal addresses infrastructure, supply chain, clean energy, and digital commerce; however, Washington suffers criticism from its own allies for not opening up its market, as China has done

Financial Times, 20.05.2022

Financial Times, 24.05.2022

National Politics

State Council introduces 33 measures to boost the economy amid falling indicators in April, including tax relief of up to US$396 billion

Measures include subsidies to guarantee employment and accelerate infrastructure investment planned for the year, reduction of US$9 billion in taxes for car purchase, and US$45 billion in railway construction bonds

South China Morning Post, 25.05.2022

Bloomberg, 24.05.2022

After vice-premier Sun Chunlan asked Beijing authorities to take more “thorough” measures against COVID-19, with 29 cases recorded in the capital on Friday 27

Over 1,800 residents of one community were sent to the nearby city of Zhangjiakou for centralized quarantine in hotels for a week; the capital’s administration has asked companies and institutions to limit the number of workers in offices to 30% of normal levels

Caixin Global, 24.05.2022

China Briefing, 27.05.2022


Oral dose of CanSino vaccine generates an 18 to 24-fold increase in antibodies than the third injection of Sinovac, according to The Lancet study

Research on the aerosolized version of the adenovirus-based vaccine did not measure its performance against Omicron; the original injectable version of the vaccine had already been approved by the WHO for emergency use

South China Morning Post, 24.05.2022


China’s urban unemployment rate rises 0.3 percentage points in April to reach 6.1%, the highest since February 2020

Unemployment among young people aged 16 to 24 reached 18.2% (highest since January 2018) sees the Premier call for the adoption of fiscal and monetary policies that prioritize employment, such as tax refunds, tax exemptions, and social security payments; analysts predict improvement in consumption and employment indicators in May

Caixin Global, 16.05.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

Government announces US$1.5 billion subsidy to grain producers, helping to reduce high costs in summer harvest and autumn sowing

Despite harvest delays caused by COVID-19 and floods, China is expected to have a bountiful summer grain production; record-high wheat stocks could meet domestic demand for over a year despite global shortages due to conflict in Ukraine

Global Times, 23.05.2022

China Daily, 20.05.2022

Three sites recognized as FAO’s Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems for unique ways of using traditional practices and knowledge

Valued for maintaining biodiversity and unique ecosystems, the sites are a tea production area in Anxi (Fujian Province), Ar Horqin nomadic grazing system in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the rain-fed Shexian Dryland Stone Terraced System (Hebei Province)

FAO, 20.05.2022

China Daily, 24.05.2022

Science and Technology

Explorers discover a preserved ancient forest inside a giant sinkhole in southern China’s Guangxi region

The 192-meter-deep “heavenly pit” is the 30th found in the region known for its karst landscape, formed by the dissolution of bedrock by groundwater, and could be home to undiscovered plant and wildlife species; world’s deepest sinkhole (662m) is the Xiaozhai Tiankeng in Chongqing

South China Morning Post, 25.05.2022

People’s Life and Culture

Zheng Yi Sao, legendary pirate queen who fought against imperial Chinese and colonial navies, is revived culturally in Chinese web novels and TV series

Born in 1775 in South China, Sek Yeung (birthname) married her pirate captor, Tzeng Yut, and took his position after his death, commanding a 600-ship fleet with three “golden rules”: no desertion, no thieving from the clan, and no violence against women

Sixth Tone, 17.04.2022

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