No. 91 | 19.03.2022

Covid-19 testing in Shanghai [Caixin Global]


China and the US meet online days after Washington threatens to punish countries that help Moscow circumvent sanctions

Beijing says it will retaliate against US sanctions and warns against their damage to the world economy; most Global South countries refuse to adopt sanctions against Russia and maintain neutrality, while Xi proposes collaboration with US to find a peaceful solution

Global Times, 16.03.2022

The Guardian, 10.03.2022

Xinhua, 18.03.2022

After a close election, Yoon Suk-yeol becomes South Korea’s new president and is expected to strengthen trade and military ties with the US

Growing hostility against China, particularly among youth, guided the campaign of ex-prosecutor Yoon, expected to join the US’ “Indo-Pacific” initiative and perhaps the Quad; bilateral trade between Korea and its largest trading partner China reached US$301.5 billion (2021)

South China Morning Post, 15.03.2022

Global Times, 08.03.2021

Chinese state-owned MMG faces challenges for mega copper mine in Peru due to local pressure for compensation and more investment

With 2% of world production (335,000 tons), Las Bambas slashes 2022 profit forecast by 20%; local protests demand that government build a road to transport copper, improve public services, and collect more taxes from the mining company

Nikkei, 12.03.2022


China’s top-of-year economic recovery exceeds expectations, but Covid-19 outbreaks and Ukraine crisis may impact growth

In the first two months, 1.63 million urban jobs were created, with increasing retail sales (6.7% vs. 3% expected), industrial production (7.5% vs. 3.9% forecast), and fixed-asset investment (12.2%); China pledges new “oxygen-supplying” measures to help the economy

South China Morning Post, 15.03.2022

China’s total debt (state, corporate, household) to GDP ratio fell from 280.2 to 272.5% year-on-year and is expected to remain stable

As of 2019, China’s leverage ratio had the lowest growth (19.1 percentage points) among major economies (US, 26; Japan 36.4.; EU, 26); in February, mortgage loans (US$ 7.2 billion) experienced first decline since 2007

Yicai Global, 09.03.2022

Yicai Global, 14.03.2022

National Politics

Most severe Covid-19 outbreak in two years affects 28 Chinese locales, with partial lockdowns in Shenzhen and Jilin province

In the first-half of March, 15,000 cases were reported in the country, with a record 5,154 on the 15th; government adjusts zero-Covid policy to allow patients with mild symptoms to move from hospitalization to centralized quarantine facilities

South China Morning Post, 13.03.2022

Global Times, 17.03.2022


Cancer rates increased most for Chinese aged 15 to 49 (+36.72%) since 2000, growing also in the 50-69 (+13.82%) and 70+ (+22.56%) age groups

New study finds that since 2000, deaths from cancer increased 45.56% to 2.7 million people (2019) despite significant prevention and control efforts, with breast cancer being the most common type among women (20% of total, 2020)

Caixin Global, 03.11.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

Carbon-intensive lifestyles of Global North elderly population pose challenge for decarbonization of “world factories,” including China and the Middle East

According to Nature, the total contribution of the elderly in the US, Japan, Australia, and 29 European countries to consumption-based global emissions increased from 25.2 to 32.7% (2005-15) and keeps growing; China’s aging population’s relatively austere lifestyle lessens environmental impact

South China Morning Post, 11.03.2022

People’s Life and Politics

Watched by one billion people, annual consumer rights “Gala 315” TV program exposes food safety and internet problems

This year’s show featured complaints regarding fraud in the growing live-streaming industry and poor hygiene in the processing of pickled cabbage for instant noodles; China is the world’s largest consumer of this food, with 46.35 billion servings consumed in 2020 (40% of global consumption)

Global Times, 16.03.2022

South China Morning Post, 16.03.2022

Anti-imperialist memes and videos become more popular among Chinese youth, interested in left politics and history

Popular vlogger “Little John” makes humorous and accessible history videos about the USSR, Latin America, and Africa as well as Third World leaders like Chile’s Salvador Allende and Burkina Faso’s Thomas Sankara, recovering histories rarely reflected in mainstream Chinese media

Sixth Tone, 11.03.2022

Screenshot of a video on the Cuban Revolution by “Little John Kahn” [@小约翰可汗 /Bilibili]

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