No. 134 | 11.02.2023

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning [Ministry of Foreign Affairs]


After 30 years, the US will once again have a major military presence in the Philippines, with a new agreement that will allow the installation of four military bases

Washington could go as far as sending troops and military equipment 800 km off the coast of Taiwan; a Chinese spokesperson said that the decision increases tension, endangers peace and stability in the region, and that Indo-Pacific countries need to avoid being coerced or used by the US

Global Times, 02.02.2023

South China Morning Post, 05.02.2023

China informed the US that the balloon entered its airspace completely accidentally and expressed strong dissatisfaction over its downing

The Pentagon confirmed that the weather research balloon posed no military or physical threat; Chinese Foreign Ministry said diplomatic teams should prudently manage unexpected situations and asked the US to handle the matter in a calm, professional, and restrained manner

Global Times, 06.07.2022

National Politics

Chinese outbound group travel is back, while Hong Kong and Macau will launch major tourism campaigns starting in March

As of 2019, China was the world’s largest outbound tourism market, with 155 million tourists and US$245 billion overseas; Hong Kong plans to give away 500,000 free airline tickets and Macau 120,000, and China will no longer require a negative COVID-19 result for travelers from those regions

CGTN, 06.02.2023

CGTN, 06.02.2023

Coastal industrial centers take measures to resume production after Chinese New Year holiday amid labor shortage

Guangdong will organize 14 trains and 380 buses to bring back 25,000 migrant workers; the pandemic has caused many people to prefer to work in their hometowns rather than in large cities due to lower costs and proximity to their families

Caixin Global, 03.02.2022


Shanghai residents had the highest purchasing power in China in 2022, averaging 79,610 yuan (US$11,809) per person

The figure for Beijing residents was 77,415 yuan (US$11,483), while the Tibet Autonomous Region recorded a growth of 6.9% – the fastest in the country – reaching 26,675 yuan (US$3,955); China’s per capita disposable income grew 5% in 2022, reaching 36,883 yuan (US$5,468)

Yicai Global, 03.02.2023

Foreign capital inflow in stocks on the Shenzhen and Shanghai exchanges in January reaches 131 billion yuan (US$19.4 billion) surpassing the entire year of 2022

Only in the first half of January, the net investment abroad in bonds and shares in China reached US$12.6 billion; the strengthening of the yuan, which has consolidated around 3% since the beginning of this year, is among the causes of greater investments

Xinhua, 03.02.2023

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

Chinese scientists have successfully cloned three “super cows” and plan to build a herd of more than 1,000 in the next three years

Considered “highly productive”, Holstein breed’s clones are capable of producing 18 tons of milk per year and more than 100 tons in their lifetime; China imports 70% of its dairy cows, with an increasing demand as the middle class grows

Global Times, 31.01.2023

Ocean power facilities capacity can reach 350 GW by 2050 but construction costs remain the main obstacle

In 2022, the country’s first megawatt-scale tidal stream station was connected to Zhejiang’s network and is expected to generate at least 1 GWh per year; for experts, ocean energy is a triple win for China’s strategic goals of carbon neutrality, renewable energy, and high-end manufacturing

China Dialogue, 26.01.2023

Science and Technology

China becomes the third country – after Canada and the US – able to provide a complete computer system with quantum technology

Origin Quantum Computing’s Wuyuan features superconducting chip technology and uses elementary particles called quantum bits that replace the 0’s and 1’s used in traditional computing; founder of the company says the technology will produce visible benefits in everyday life in the next three to five years

South China Morning Post, 31.01.2023

People’s Life and Culture

The hospital ship of the People’s Liberation Army Navy “Ark of Peace” is back in operation after the pandemic

It is China’s first hospital ship and has 16 departments, eight operating rooms and more than 300 beds; it entered service in 2008, has treated more than 230,000 people from 43 countries and last November treated more than 13,000 patients from Indonesia on a seven-day mission

China Daily, 06.02.2023

China Daily, 20.11.2022

Peace Ark setting off for home after offering diagnosis and treatment to more than 13,000 patients in Indonesia, 18.11.2022 [Photo/Xinhua] 

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No. 133 | 04.02.2023

Bolivian President Luis Arce at the signing of the agreement with the Chinese business consortium, 20 January 2023 [Plurinational State of Bolivia]

Dear readers, 

Marco Fernandes participated in an RT interview, where he talked about the meeting between Scholz and Lula, Brazil’s refusal to send arms to Ukraine, the historic agreement between China and Bolivia for the manufacture of lithium batteries in the Andean country and Lula’s foreign policy priorities.

Gisela Cernadas shared data on the massive migration for the Chinese New Year in Barricada TV from Argentina (in Spanish).

Amadeus and Mika talked to Zambian economist Grieve Chelwa for The Crane: An Africa-China Podcast in the latest episode.

Dongsheng Editorial Collective


US reaches agreement with Japan and the Netherlands to restrict exports of advanced chip-making machines to China

Implementation will take months and Japanese semiconductor equipment market could be affected with possible retaliatory measures from China, which accounts for ⅓ of Japan’s sales in that sector; the Biden administration also stopped providing US companies with licenses to export to Huawei, heading toward a total ban on US technology sales to the Chinese giant

Nikkei, 29.01.2023

FT, 31.01.2023

Bolivia signs historic agreement with Chinese consortium led by CATL to manufacture lithium batteries

The Andean country has the largest lithium reserves in the world, with 21 million tons (23.6% of the total) and estimates that as of 2025 it will be able to produce 40,000 tons of lithium carbonate per year; CATL is the world’s largest producer of electric batteries and will invest more than US$1 billion in the project

Caixin Global, 26.01.2023

National Politics

Provinces will seek to boost growth by betting on domestic consumption, foreign investment and production incentives

Guangdong aims to develop 1,530 major construction projects with annual investment of 1 trillion yuan (US$ 148 billion) and Zhejiang will move forward with more than 1,000 major investment projects including advanced manufacturing, technological innovation, transportation and clean energy

Caixin Global, 30.01.2023

China announces expanded access to public services for rural migrants seeking to boost economic activity

The urban population is estimated at 65.22% but only 45.4% have an urban hukou, the registration China uses to ensure access to services such as public health and other entitlements for the population; the government also announced labor improvements in small and medium-sized cities to incentivize relocation

South China Morning Post, 30.01.2023


Foreign Direct Investment in China maintains steady growth of 6.3% in 2022, reaching 1.23 trillion yuan (US$ 18 billion)

The actual use of foreign capital in manufacturing increased 46.1% in 2022, reaching 323.7 billion yuan (US$ 47.72 billion), and high-tech industries increased 28.3%, accounting for 36.1% of all foreign capital used. Investment from the European Union had a significant growth of 92.2% by 2022

China Briefing, 20.01.2023

For the first time since records began in 1999, real estate investment is down in China

In 2022, the total drop was 10% (13.29 trillion yuan/US$ 1.98 tri), that of residential property investment was 9.5% (10 trillion yuan/US$ 1.5 tri), and that of land sales by area, 53.4% (100 million m²); survey shows housing prices will continue to fall in 2023

Caixin Global, 18.01.2023

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

China’s oil and gas consumption fell for the first time in decades in 2022

Oil demand fell by 3% (390,000 barrels per day) and natural gas demand by 0.7%, the first decline since 1990 and 1982 respectively. The International Energy Agency forecasts an increase of two million barrels per day in global oil demand by 2023, half of which will come from the Asian giant.

New York Times, 27.01.2023


After massive internal migration for Chinese New Year, no new COVID-19 variants emerged in China

The outbreak peaked in December and COVID-related deaths in hospitals peaked at 4,273 on January 4, dropping to 896 on January 23; separately, China approved two new domestically developed drugs for COVID-19 patients with mild to moderate symptoms

CGTN, 29.01.2023

Caixin Global, 31.01.2023

People’s Life and Culture

892 million trips were recorded in 23 days for the first Spring Festival with no post-pandemic domestic travel restrictions

This represents a 56% increase over last year but still remains 46.9% below 2019; in January, cinema saw a year-on-year increase in revenue of 270%, box office hit a record 10 billion yuan (US$ 1.48 billion) and the three most watched films were Chinese

China Daily, 30.01.2023

China Daily, 02.02.2023

Football is failing to develop in China and the government is trying to promote it with national programs similar to the incentive of Olympic disciplines

Between 2014 and 2022, specialized football schools increased sixfold to 30,000, thanks to public investment in infrastructure, but some of these schools do not have coaches or use the field for other purposes; families tend to prioritize university education and do not see soccer as a professional career

Caixin Global, 20.01.2023

Primary school students train in Jianhu county, Jiangsu province, 03 September 2022 [VCG]

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No. 112 | 20.08.2022

Gang Chen, engineering professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology []

Dear reader,

Mikaela Nhondo Erskog joined Eugene Puryear and Rania Khalek on their weekly The Freedom Side on BreakThrough News to discuss Africa-China trade politics in the light of this new US policy. Erskog and co-host Amadeus Musumali explore this topic in the latest episode of The Crane: An Africa China Podcast (listen in English on Spotify and Apple). 

In his biweekly participation in the program Bom para Todos, Marco Fernandes talks to Talita Galli about how, for the first time, China has overtaken the US in the Fortune 500 companies’ revenues and in the quality of scientific papers published, as well as the latest on Taiwan. Watch it here (in Portuguese).

Tings Chak joined Brian Becker on “The Socialist Program to talk about the aftermath of the visits of Nancy Pelosi and a second US congressional delegation to Taiwan and the advances in China as it confronts a United States in decline (in English).

—Dongsheng editorial collective


Gang Chen, a scientist who had been arrested in the US for alleged hidden connections to China, discovers the “world’s best semiconductor”

Chinese-born MIT professor led a team that discovered that cubic boron arsenide conducts heat 10 times better than silicon; despite being a naturalized US citizen, Chen was one of the victims of the US “China Initiative” that aimed to prosecute Chinese professors and scientists on suspicion of espionage, but dropped the charges for lack of evidence

SCMP, 16.08.2022

SCMP, 21.01.2022

Aiming to contain Chinese technological advances, Biden signs a CHIPS and Science Act into law, which will allocate US$52.7 billion to strengthen the US semiconductor industry

China is critical of the measure that prohibits subsidy recipients from expanding production to the country beyond 28nm chips and older tech; the US share of the sector has fallen from 37% in 1990 to 12% today, while China is expected to hold most of the global chip production capacity by 2030

Caixin Global, 11.08.2022

SCMP, 10.08.2022

National Politics

Another US congressional delegation visits Taiwan and Beijing sanctions Taiwanese linked to separatism

Local leader Tsai Ing-wen met with five Democratic representatives and one Republican following Nancy Pelosi’s visit; at the same time, the Chinese government bans separatists from entering Mainland China and their organizations from working or benefiting from their mainland connections

SCMP, 15.08.2022

Caixin Global, 16.08.2022

After thousands of customers stop paying mortgages on overdue housing projects, banks and state-owned companies start bailout to finish apartments

Central government directed interventions to stabilize the market and Zhengzhou City set up a fund (US$1.5 billion) to complete projects that give a return on investment and ensure people receive their homes; a new report revealed that 12.1% of China’s housing stock are unoccupied (50 million apartments)

Caixin Global, 11.08.2022

SCMP, 14.08.2022


To facilitate economic recovery, People’s Bank of China (PBOC) reduces key interest rate for the first time since January

After a year-on-year drop (-37%) in demand for new loans in July (US$100 billion), PBOC reduced one-year lending rate from 2.85% to 2.75% and injected US$59.3 billion into the financial system

Yicai Global, 15.08.2022

People’s Bank of China Financial Statistics Report June 2022

After six-quarter sales slump, Huawei registers its first quarter of year-on-year revenue growth (+1.43%) reaching US$25.3 billion

First-half revenue still fell 5.9% year-on-year (US$44.7 billion), although the drop was smaller in relation to the previous semester; business diversification helped offset the impact of US sanctions against smartphones, with network equipment yielding US$20.9 billion (+4.24%)

Caixin Global, 13.08.2022

Huawei’s first half 2022 commercial results

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

Sinopec discovers 1.7 billion tonnes of oil reserves in Xinjiang, with the potential to meet around two years of domestic demand

The Tarim Basin, where the discovery took place, has abundant oil and natural gas reserves located at a depth of 6,000 to 10,000m, accounting for 83.2% and 63.9% of China’s total resources, respectively

China Daily, 11.08.2022

Global Times, 10.08.2022

Global investment in renewable energy hits a record US$226 billion in the first half of the year, with China accounting for 43% of the total

China doubled its spending on wind projects to US$58 billion, while US$41 billion went to large-scale solar projects, three-fold the budget the same period in 2021; the global energy crisis is stimulating demand for clean energy

Nikkei Asia, 16.08.2022

People’s Life and Culture

China’s public libraries function as social spaces and safe havens but are still in short supply

China has 3,212 public libraries that provide book loans, reading rooms, free wifi, and training, and are used as a refuge from natural disasters or domestic violence; however, the population remains underserved with only one library for every 438,000 people and most concentrated in urbanized areas

The World of Chinese, 09.08.2022

New evidence of Japan’s bioweapons experiments in China during WWII revealed

Imperial Japanese Army Unit 516 conducted experiments on human beings during Japan’s invasion of China and provided poison gas to Unit 731, where at least 3,000 people experienced forced experimentation; more than 300,000 people were killed by Japan’s biological weapons throughout China

Global Times, 15.08.2022

China Daily, 16.08.2022

Sculpture at the Unit 731 sites in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province [Xinhua/Wang Kai]

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No. 111 | 13.08.2022

Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Chengdu, Sichuan, 21 May 2021 [Xinhua]


China will reduce import tariffs for 16 of the world’s poorest countries by 98% of taxable products

The cuts, some announced at the last China-Africa Forum (FOCAC), will begin in September, including 8,786 items for countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Djibouti, Rwanda, and Togo, with the aim of encouraging local production; the initiative is expected to gradually expand to other “less developed countries” and could encourage the use of the yuan in trade agreements

South China Morning Post, 08.08.2022

China has made nearly US$26 billion in loans to address balance of payments problems in Pakistan and Sri Lanka

Survey shows a shift in the Belt and Road Initiative, from loans to finance infrastructure to credits to ease foreign currency shortages (US$900 billion since 2013); about 60% of China’s overseas lending currently goes to countries that are struggling with debt

Bloomberg, 03.08.2022

Science and Technology

China overtakes the US to become a global leader in a number of the most cited scientific papers, according to a recent report

Among the top 1% of most cited papers in the world, 27.2% (4,744) are Chinese and 24.9% (4,330) are from the US, while China continues to lead in total number of papers published (407,181), with the US in second (293,434); research will determine hegemony in crucial fields such as artificial intelligence and quantum technology

Nikkei Asia, 10.08.2022


Chinese companies’ revenues (US$11.71 trillion) surpass those of US companies (US$11.34 trillion) in the Fortune Global 500 for the first time

China has three state-owned energy giants (State Grid, CNPC, and Sinopec) among the five largest companies in the world, and 87 of the 145 Chinese companies on the list are majority or wholly state-owned, compared to only 3 in the US; average Chinese profit (US$4.1 billion) is still below the overall average (US$6.2 billion)

Fortune, 06.08.2022

CGTN, 06.08.2022

Mainland China remains Taiwan’s largest trading partner, despite reduced investment in recent years

Over the past five years, Taiwan has sold 28.21% of its total products to mainland China, mainly chips – 62% of the total (US$792 billion of US$155 billion) in 2021 – machinery, tools, plastics, rubbers, and chemicals

South China Morning Post, 07.08.2022

National Politics

China issues new white paper on the Taiwan issue and expands military exercises around the island

The document reaffirms the commitment of the CPC and the Chinese people to national reunification and cites historical facts and case law reaffirming that Taiwan is part of China; at the same time, the military drills, which may become routine, are intended to deter separatists and outside interference forces

Global Times, 08.08.2022

CGTN, 10.08.2022


Hainan, Xinjiang, and Tibet test their pandemic control measures, facing a new Omicron outbreak

Tibet region, facing its first outbreak since 2020, organized centers for mass testing but must resolve shortages of medical staff and oxygen; Hainan, which has recorded more than 500 cases per day, allowed stranded tourists to return home and will fine traders taking advantage of the outbreak by raising prices

Global Times, 09.08.2022

Global Times, 09.08.2022

Global Times, 09.08.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

Seeking to ensure food security, China resumes national soil survey that will be completed in second half of 2025

According to smaller-scale monitoring, over the past four decades, Chinese soil has suffered from worsening heavy metal pollution, rapid acidification, and changes in organic content; two-thirds of all soil is of low or medium quality and topsoil quality is low

China Dialogue, 02.08.2022

China warns that its temperatures are rising faster than the global average

Temperatures have been rising 0.26°C per decade since 1951, above the world average of 0.15°C; in 2021, China’s coastal water levels were the highest since 1980 and this year alone 131 weather stations recorded temperatures at or above historical highs (62 last year)

Reuters, 02.08.2022

People’s Life and Culture

Chinese companies see a surge in popularity or public condemnation by Chinese netizens in response to their position on Taiwan

Want Want Group, a Taiwan-based snack manufacturer, boosted its sales after demonstrating against Nancy Pelosi’s visit; meanwhile, Snickers China publicly apologized after internet users complained about a video in which Taiwan was said to be a country

Global Times, 05.08.2022

Global Times, 08.08.2022

A live streaming room of Taiwan-based Want Want Group [Global Times]

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No. 100 | 28.05.2022

Ancient forest in newly discovered sinkhole, Guangxi [Xinhua]

Dear reader,

It’s with great pleasure that we announce our 100th edition of News on China. Two years ago, just as the world was entering the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of researchers – from Argentina to Zambia, Brazil to South Africa, United States to China – realized that it was very difficult to get a balanced view on China. We learned that it was necessary to critically read Western mainstream media on China and also the Chinese media. We started the media digest, News on China, to bring reliable information and facts about the achievements and contradictions of a country that is rapidly changing, while impacting the rest of the world.

Since then, we’ve shared over 1,200 stories in News on China on a variety of topics, produced weekly videos and graphics, as well as launched a new newsletter called Chinese Voices that brings social, economic, and political analyses from Chinese thinkers. Soon, we will launch The Crane: The China-Africa Podcast. We’re on Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram.

We want to thank you, our readers, for following us on this journey. We invite you to keep reading, sharing, and telling us what you think as we bring you the next 100 issues.

As a special treat, here’s a new publication by Tricontinental: Institute on Social Research and with participation by Dongsheng member, Tings Chak. Go to Yan’an: Culture and National Liberation looks at the historical Forum in Yan’an on Literature and Art that took place 80 years ago this month, gathering the country’s writers, artists, and leaders to discuss the cultural path forward, seven years before the 1949 Revolution.

Dongsheng editorial collective


At BRICS foreign ministers meeting, President Xi reaffirms the need to resist the cold war mentality and strengthen cooperation between developing countries

In an official communiqué, countries supported China’s proposal to initiate discussions on criteria and procedures for BRICS expansion; in attendance were Kazakhstan, Egypt, Nigeria, Senegal, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and two other G20 members, Argentina and Indonesia, likely candidates for the new vacancies

South China Morning Post, 20.05.2022

South China Morning Post, 10.05.2022

During Asian visit, Joe Biden announces new Indo-Pacific Economic Framework to counter China in the region, but deal lacks details

Formed by the US and 12 “Indo-Pacific” countries (among them Japan, India, Australia, and South Korea), the agreement proposal addresses infrastructure, supply chain, clean energy, and digital commerce; however, Washington suffers criticism from its own allies for not opening up its market, as China has done

Financial Times, 20.05.2022

Financial Times, 24.05.2022

National Politics

State Council introduces 33 measures to boost the economy amid falling indicators in April, including tax relief of up to US$396 billion

Measures include subsidies to guarantee employment and accelerate infrastructure investment planned for the year, reduction of US$9 billion in taxes for car purchase, and US$45 billion in railway construction bonds

South China Morning Post, 25.05.2022

Bloomberg, 24.05.2022

After vice-premier Sun Chunlan asked Beijing authorities to take more “thorough” measures against COVID-19, with 29 cases recorded in the capital on Friday 27

Over 1,800 residents of one community were sent to the nearby city of Zhangjiakou for centralized quarantine in hotels for a week; the capital’s administration has asked companies and institutions to limit the number of workers in offices to 30% of normal levels

Caixin Global, 24.05.2022

China Briefing, 27.05.2022


Oral dose of CanSino vaccine generates an 18 to 24-fold increase in antibodies than the third injection of Sinovac, according to The Lancet study

Research on the aerosolized version of the adenovirus-based vaccine did not measure its performance against Omicron; the original injectable version of the vaccine had already been approved by the WHO for emergency use

South China Morning Post, 24.05.2022


China’s urban unemployment rate rises 0.3 percentage points in April to reach 6.1%, the highest since February 2020

Unemployment among young people aged 16 to 24 reached 18.2% (highest since January 2018) sees the Premier call for the adoption of fiscal and monetary policies that prioritize employment, such as tax refunds, tax exemptions, and social security payments; analysts predict improvement in consumption and employment indicators in May

Caixin Global, 16.05.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

Government announces US$1.5 billion subsidy to grain producers, helping to reduce high costs in summer harvest and autumn sowing

Despite harvest delays caused by COVID-19 and floods, China is expected to have a bountiful summer grain production; record-high wheat stocks could meet domestic demand for over a year despite global shortages due to conflict in Ukraine

Global Times, 23.05.2022

China Daily, 20.05.2022

Three sites recognized as FAO’s Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems for unique ways of using traditional practices and knowledge

Valued for maintaining biodiversity and unique ecosystems, the sites are a tea production area in Anxi (Fujian Province), Ar Horqin nomadic grazing system in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the rain-fed Shexian Dryland Stone Terraced System (Hebei Province)

FAO, 20.05.2022

China Daily, 24.05.2022

Science and Technology

Explorers discover a preserved ancient forest inside a giant sinkhole in southern China’s Guangxi region

The 192-meter-deep “heavenly pit” is the 30th found in the region known for its karst landscape, formed by the dissolution of bedrock by groundwater, and could be home to undiscovered plant and wildlife species; world’s deepest sinkhole (662m) is the Xiaozhai Tiankeng in Chongqing

South China Morning Post, 25.05.2022

People’s Life and Culture

Zheng Yi Sao, legendary pirate queen who fought against imperial Chinese and colonial navies, is revived culturally in Chinese web novels and TV series

Born in 1775 in South China, Sek Yeung (birthname) married her pirate captor, Tzeng Yut, and took his position after his death, commanding a 600-ship fleet with three “golden rules”: no desertion, no thieving from the clan, and no violence against women

Sixth Tone, 17.04.2022

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No. 94 | 09.04.2022

Nucleic acid testing for residents in Huangpu District, Shanghai, 4 April 2022 [Jin Liwang/Xinhua]

Dear Reader

This week, Dongsheng member Marco Fernandes published an article titled, US watches as China, Latin America deepen ties, which maps out the recent moves by the US aimed at containing the deepening of economic and political relations between China and Latin American and Caribbean countries – especially those with progressive governments. Read here in English.

—Dongsheng editorial collective

National Politics

Government stresses adherence to dynamic zero-Covid approach as Shanghai registers over 20,000 asymptomatic daily cases

38,000 nationwide medical workers and 2,000 PLA officers were dispatched to Shanghai, helping carry out world’s largest daily mass testing of 25.66 million residents, improve delivery of essential goods, and maintain core functions and industries, including the Shanghai Port

Global Times, 07.04.2022

CGTN, 04.04.2022

People’s Life and Culture

Shanghai residents turn to crowdsourcing and social media groups to access information and essential food and medical supplies

Residents navigate lockdown as restaurants close and 20+ hospitals stop outpatient services; city issues “green passes” for businesses that are allowed to deliver essential goods and communities organize group purchases from designated e-commerce platforms, with 11,000 delivery workers on daily duty

South China Morning Post, 06.04.2022

South China Morning Post, 01.04.2022


Chinese regulatory agency authorizes two domestic laboratories to begin clinical trials of Covid-19 vaccines with mRNA technology

CanSino Biologics and CSPC Pharmaceutical Group say they can help neutralize the Omicron Covid variant; mRNA technology has significant advantages in the R&D process, including rapid, uniform, and scalable production

Caixin Global, 05.04.2022

China’s share active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) market grows rapidly, thanks to low-cost and off-patents advantage, such as antibiotics or vitamins

Until the mid-1990s, the West and Japan produced 90% of the world’s APIs but, by 2017, China accounted for 40% of global production; having cheaper raw materials (up to ⅔ of the total drug cost), country also has huge production scale advantage

Nikkei Asia, 05.04.2022


China hosts meeting of foreign ministers of Afghanistan and neighboring countries – such as Russia – to address Afghan crisis, including US, Qatar, and Indonesia diplomats

Countries call for US to return US$7 billion in confiscated Afghan assets, while only 13% of the UN’s US$5 billion funding appeal has been granted; post-meeting statement recognizes Kabul’s efforts and establishes working groups to prioritize humanitarian assistance and long-term Afghan development

Global Times, 01.04.2022

President Xi supports EU leadership in Ukraine-Russia conflict resolution at China-EU summit, but European Commission President von der Leyen highlights opposing views with China

Beijing says it is critical to provide security guarantees to Moscow and Kiev, while Brussels is pressing China not to help Russia circumvent sanctions; EU foreign policy has been captured by Washington’s interests, according to Chinese analysts

South China Morning Post, 02.04.2022

Global Times, 02.04.2022


Yuan’s share of global reserves reaches a five-year high, totaling US$336.1 billion (2.79% of total) in Q4 2021

By the end of 2021, the yuan ranked 5th – after the US dollar, euro, yen, and pound – and could be among the top three reserve currencies in the next 10 to 20 years; Chinese foreign trade and sanctions against Russia should accelerate yuan growth in 2022

Global Times, 01.04.2022

Due to sanctions, Russia turns to Chinese microchip manufacturers to meet demand for bank cards linked to the Mir payments system

Major Russian banks, many of them recently excluded from the SWIFT global payments system, report increased demand for domestic bank cards; some start issuing co-branded cards with China’s UnionPay – Visa and MasterCard alternative – for purchases by Russians abroad

Reuters, 05.04.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

One month into corn and soybean planting season, Covid outbreaks disrupt fertilizer supplies and stop farming in Jilin, the main corn-producing province

Fertilizer shortages are caused by strong global demand, high energy costs, and sanctions on Russia and Belarus; three northeastern provinces and Inner Mongolia produce more than 40% of China’s corn and 50% of its soybeans

South China Morning Post, 01.04.2022

South China Morning Post, 05.04.2022

Development of national water network is part of new phase of water management in China, with expanded investment in the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25)

New dams, diversions, and pumping stations will increase water supply (to 122 billion m³/year) and irrigation efficiency, transfer water between regions, and prevent flooding; in 2021, China suffered the second highest flooding-related economic loss (US$25 billion vs. Europe’s US$41.8 billion)

China Dialogue, 16.03.2022

SCMP, 03.04.2022

Corn production in Jilin Province [South China Morning Post]

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No. 91 | 19.03.2022

Covid-19 testing in Shanghai [Caixin Global]


China and the US meet online days after Washington threatens to punish countries that help Moscow circumvent sanctions

Beijing says it will retaliate against US sanctions and warns against their damage to the world economy; most Global South countries refuse to adopt sanctions against Russia and maintain neutrality, while Xi proposes collaboration with US to find a peaceful solution

Global Times, 16.03.2022

The Guardian, 10.03.2022

Xinhua, 18.03.2022

After a close election, Yoon Suk-yeol becomes South Korea’s new president and is expected to strengthen trade and military ties with the US

Growing hostility against China, particularly among youth, guided the campaign of ex-prosecutor Yoon, expected to join the US’ “Indo-Pacific” initiative and perhaps the Quad; bilateral trade between Korea and its largest trading partner China reached US$301.5 billion (2021)

South China Morning Post, 15.03.2022

Global Times, 08.03.2021

Chinese state-owned MMG faces challenges for mega copper mine in Peru due to local pressure for compensation and more investment

With 2% of world production (335,000 tons), Las Bambas slashes 2022 profit forecast by 20%; local protests demand that government build a road to transport copper, improve public services, and collect more taxes from the mining company

Nikkei, 12.03.2022


China’s top-of-year economic recovery exceeds expectations, but Covid-19 outbreaks and Ukraine crisis may impact growth

In the first two months, 1.63 million urban jobs were created, with increasing retail sales (6.7% vs. 3% expected), industrial production (7.5% vs. 3.9% forecast), and fixed-asset investment (12.2%); China pledges new “oxygen-supplying” measures to help the economy

South China Morning Post, 15.03.2022

China’s total debt (state, corporate, household) to GDP ratio fell from 280.2 to 272.5% year-on-year and is expected to remain stable

As of 2019, China’s leverage ratio had the lowest growth (19.1 percentage points) among major economies (US, 26; Japan 36.4.; EU, 26); in February, mortgage loans (US$ 7.2 billion) experienced first decline since 2007

Yicai Global, 09.03.2022

Yicai Global, 14.03.2022

National Politics

Most severe Covid-19 outbreak in two years affects 28 Chinese locales, with partial lockdowns in Shenzhen and Jilin province

In the first-half of March, 15,000 cases were reported in the country, with a record 5,154 on the 15th; government adjusts zero-Covid policy to allow patients with mild symptoms to move from hospitalization to centralized quarantine facilities

South China Morning Post, 13.03.2022

Global Times, 17.03.2022


Cancer rates increased most for Chinese aged 15 to 49 (+36.72%) since 2000, growing also in the 50-69 (+13.82%) and 70+ (+22.56%) age groups

New study finds that since 2000, deaths from cancer increased 45.56% to 2.7 million people (2019) despite significant prevention and control efforts, with breast cancer being the most common type among women (20% of total, 2020)

Caixin Global, 03.11.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

Carbon-intensive lifestyles of Global North elderly population pose challenge for decarbonization of “world factories,” including China and the Middle East

According to Nature, the total contribution of the elderly in the US, Japan, Australia, and 29 European countries to consumption-based global emissions increased from 25.2 to 32.7% (2005-15) and keeps growing; China’s aging population’s relatively austere lifestyle lessens environmental impact

South China Morning Post, 11.03.2022

People’s Life and Politics

Watched by one billion people, annual consumer rights “Gala 315” TV program exposes food safety and internet problems

This year’s show featured complaints regarding fraud in the growing live-streaming industry and poor hygiene in the processing of pickled cabbage for instant noodles; China is the world’s largest consumer of this food, with 46.35 billion servings consumed in 2020 (40% of global consumption)

Global Times, 16.03.2022

South China Morning Post, 16.03.2022

Anti-imperialist memes and videos become more popular among Chinese youth, interested in left politics and history

Popular vlogger “Little John” makes humorous and accessible history videos about the USSR, Latin America, and Africa as well as Third World leaders like Chile’s Salvador Allende and Burkina Faso’s Thomas Sankara, recovering histories rarely reflected in mainstream Chinese media

Sixth Tone, 11.03.2022

Screenshot of a video on the Cuban Revolution by “Little John Kahn” [@小约翰可汗 /Bilibili]

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No. 84 | 29.01.2022

Winter Olympic Games volunteers at the Wukesong Sports Center, Beijing, 30 December 2021 [Xinhua]

National Politics

Beijing hosts Winter Olympics with strict anti-Omicron measures, aiming to achieve carbon-neutrality and boost popularity of ice sports

Selected spectators, over 2,000 athletes, and 25,000 coaches, support staff, and journalists will stay in a “closed loop” with daily tests; some 2008 Olympics facilities will be reused and energy will come from wind, solar, and hydroelectric sources

Caixin Global, 24.01.2022

Central government releases report on devastating floods in Henan province last year, finding local officials responsible for high death toll

July saw a day’s rainfall (624mm) equal to annual depths, costing 398 lives and US $18.9 billion in direct losses; 87 civil servants were demoted or dismissed for ignoring weather warnings, underreporting deaths, and misusing flood prevention funds

Sixth Tone, 22.01.2022

Chinese state-linked investors backed almost 30% of the 100 biggest startups in 2021, particularly in tech and carbon neutrality sectors

New funds from companies and municipalities include steel giants Baowu Steel (US $7.9 billion) and China National Building Material (US $3.14 billion), and Xiamen, Chengdu, and Qingdao cities; investment fund planning focuses on national strategic priorities

Nikkei Asia, 21.01.2022


China’s tax revenue grows 10.7% in 2021 (US $3.2 trillion), nearly doubling 2012 figure and recovers from 3.9% drop in 2020

2021 government budget spending totaled US $3.87 trillion (+0.3%) – maintaining fiscal balance – while US $173.9 billion in tax cuts and fees helped stimulate the economy

Global Times, 25.01.2022

China Daily, 26.01.2022

3.25 billion domestic tourist trips were made in 2021 (+12.8% year-on-year) but only reaching 54% of pre-pandemic levels (2019)

In the CPC’s centennial year, though Covid-related measures hampered travel, “red tourism” continued to grow with 40% of tourists visiting sites linked to revolutionary history; domestic consumption totaled US $461 billion (+31%) or 51% of 2019 level

Global Times, 25.01.2022

China Daily, 01.01.2022


Driven by energy megaprojects, China-Russia trade grows 35.8% in 2021, hitting record high of US $146.88 billion

As the US and EU stoke tensions in Ukraine and threaten new sanctions against Russia, Moscow and Beijing strengthen relations – three major projects underway total US $93 billion in investments – and a “surprise” is expected during Putin’s Olympics visit

Nikkei Asia, 22.01.2022

South China Morning Post, 25.01.2022

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

China imports 32.3 million tons of US soybeans in 2021 (+25%, 2020) under a 2020 trade pact with Washington

Adverse weather impacted exports to China of the world’s top producer Brazil (-9.5%, 2020); as top global importer, China brought in 96.52 million tons of soybeans in 2021 (-3.8%, 2020)

The Pig Site, 01.2022

As China’s pork production jumps 29% (53.38 million tons) and recovers from the 2019 swine fever outbreak, wholesale pork prices decline

As a result of government efforts and market forces, government officials predict a further decrease in prices during Spring Festival following last week’s 2.6% drop, contributing to a slowdown in China’s Consumer Price Index

Reuters, 17.01.2022

Global Times, 23.01.2022


China’s first mRNA Covid-19 vaccine completes Phase I clinical trials with 80-95% immune response

Jointly developed by Walvax Biotechnology, Suzhou Abogen Biosciences, and the PLA Academy of Military Science, ARCoV vaccine is the first homegrown mRNA to enter Phase III trials and can be stored at standard refrigerated conditions (2-8°C) compared with Pfizer/BioNTech’s and Moderna’s (-80 to -60°C)

Caixin Global, 26.01.2022

Global Times, 26.01.2022

People’s Life and Culture

Women’s Rights and Interests Protection Law draft receives overwhelming public feedback, amid polarizing debate on gender issues

Proposed amendments by the National People’s Congress to the 1995 law (revised 2005) addresses sexual harassment, workplace equality, property rights, and protection mechanisms, while 390,000 changes were proposed by 80,000 people in public consultation

Sixth Tone, 22.01.2022

Giant panda cubs welcoming upcoming Spring Festival, Sichuan province, 24 January 2022 [Xinhua/Wang Xi]

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No. 81 | 08.01.2022

Dear reader,

In our special Retrospective 2021 edition, we’ve curated the most important stories that we published last year. When read together, this digest provides a sharp view into the changing landscape of Chinese politics, culture, and society of 2021. We hope that it also provides some understanding about the direction that the country is taking in the year to come.

Next week, we will resume the publication of our regular News on China digest.

Happy New Year!

—Dongsheng editorial collective

National Politics

President Xi announces a new cycle of reforms to address social inequalities in the country and build “common prosperity”

Following recent measures in education, housing, and the tech sector, government will formulate public policies that reconcile economic efficiency with the strengthening of the welfare state, such as taxes (property, income, and inheritance), social security reforms, and encouraging philanthropy (No. 65)

Global Times, 18.08.2021

South China Morning Post, 18.08.2021

China overhauls private tutoring sector (US $125 billion), banning for-profit, foreign, and listed companies in school-curriculum teaching

New regulation targets institutions teaching school curriculum content to address unequal access to education, lower costs and children’s workloads, and improve public online education; enrollment grew from 202.6 to 325.3 million students (2015-9) (No. 61)

Nikkei Asia, 26.07.2021

Bloomberg, 24.07.2021

South China Morning Post, 23.07.2021

To circumvent the Evergrande crisis, Beijing asks state-backed companies to buy the builders’ assets, while local governments control its revenue

Among many deals, Guangzhou’s state-owned construction company is considering purchasing a soccer stadium (US $1.9 billion) and surrounding condominiums; municipalities in 10 provinces centrally manage the company’s cash flow to ensure continuity of projects (No. 70)

Reuters, 29.09.2021

Caixin Global, 27.09.2021

“Three-child policy” announced to cope with aging population and declining birthrate, after enabling families to have two children in 2016

“One-child policy” introduced in 1979 – with exceptions for rural and ethnic minority families – reduced 400 million births during period; more social support for families and women expected to come with new policy (No. 53)

Xinhua, 01.06.2021

South China Morning Post, 01.06.2021

Government investigates ride-hailing app Didi for national security risks, shortly after US $4.4 billion IPO on Wall Street

Didi (90% of Chinese market) is the first big tech investigated since Data Security Law passed in June, followed by US-listed Full Truck Alliance and Boss Zhipin; China may revise foreign investment criteria for domestic tech companies (No. 58)

South China Morning Post, 05.07.2021

South China Morning Post, 05.07.2021

Resolution of the sixth plenary of the 19th CPC Central Committee elevates Xi’s “core position” to the level of Mao and Deng

Attended by 370 top leaders, the sixth plenary focused on ideology and Party-building, highlighting Xi Jinping Thought in guiding the “new era” of socialism with Chinese characteristics and CPC’s confidence in leading processes towards achieving common prosperity and national rejuvenation goals (No. 76)

Global Times, 12.11.2021

South China Morning Post, 06.11.2021

Read the full text of the Resolution


China challenges US unilateralism and hegemony in first high-level bilateral meeting in Alaska since Biden’s election

A tense opening exchange with US counterparts, top foreign affairs diplomat Yang Jiechi disputed US imposition of “universal” values, opposed interference in China’s internal affairs and asserted that US does not “represent international public opinion” (No. 44)

Asia Times, 22.03.2021

Full transcript in Nikkei, 19.03.2021

China, Russia and Venezuela announce the formation of a new bloc to defend UN founding charter against US unilateralism

Against sanctions and arbitrary interventions by US and allies, the “Group of Friends” – including Cuba, Bolivia, Angola, Iran and 10 others – calls for principles of multilateralism, non-interference in countries’ internal affairs and peaceful conflict resolution (No. 43)

Brasil de Fato, 15.03.2021

Newsweek, 12.03.2021

President Xi pledges one billion vaccines for African countries at the 8th Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC)

Meeting in Dakar (Senegal), China announces that it will donate 600 million doses, produce 400 million doses in partnership with African countries, and send 500 specialists for ten agriculture and poverty alleviation projects on the continent, among other commitments (No. 78)

CGTN, 30.11.2021

Africa Business, 29.11.2021

China and ASEAN elevate relationship to “comprehensive strategic partnership” status, boosting security and development cooperation

China has pledged US $1.5 billion for pandemic relief and economic recovery over next three years to the Southeast Asian bloc – its largest trading partner – and announces US $150 billion in agricultural imports from ASEAN over the next five years (No. 77)

South China Morning Post, 22.11.2021

Global Times, 22.11.2021

China’s state banks lent US $137 billion to Latin American governments and state-owned enterprises (2006-21)

Washington promises investment in the region to regain lost influence, but its “Build Back Better World” project remains without a budget; Venezuela (US $62.2 billion) and Brazil (US $29.7 billion) have been the biggest beneficiaries of Chinese loans (No. 72)

Financial Times, 18.10.2021

US drops extradition charges against Huawei’s finance chief Meng Wanzhou, who returns to China after three years in Canadian detention

In 2018, Canadian authorities arrested Huawei founder’s daughter, at the behest of the US, on charges of violating sanctions against Iran, for which Meng pleaded not guilty but acknowledged wrongdoing; Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor – convicted for spying – left China hours after (No. 70)

Global Times, 25.09.2021

CGTN, 26.09.2021


Backed by government funding, China leads the US in many high-tech sectors – particularly hardware – but lags behind in software

Chinese companies dominate sales of smartphones (58% 2021, US 15%), solar panels (67% 2020, US 1%), commercial drones (80% of US market 2020 Q1, US 4%), and telecoms equipment (36% of 2021 revenue, US 9%) but still lag in semiconductors (4% of 2020 sales, US 47%) (No. 69)

Washington Post, 21.09.2021

In December 2001, after 15 years and 37 meetings, China became a member of the World Trade Organization

In 20 years, the country grew from the world’s sixth to second largest economy, with trade volume growing from US $516 billion to $5 trillion, and reaching 11.5% of global total (2001, 3.4%); country signed over 400 multilateral agreements and 128 bilateral investment treaties (No. 80)

Global Times, 09.12.2021

Global Times, 08.12.2021 (infographic about Chinese achievements since joining the WTO)

China’s net worth grew from US $7 to $120 trillion (2000-2020) surpassing the US, which doubled net worth to $90 trillion

In the ten countries surveyed, rising equity and real estate valuations (accounting for ⅔ of total wealth) drove growth; China accounted for half of growth, but the share of the country’s wealthiest 10% grew (48%-67%) (No. 77)

Bloomberg, 15.11.2021

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

China outlines plan to reduce CO2 emissions and increase clean energy to 25% of total in 2030, and over 80% by 2060

Policy includes measures to control coal power production, specific emission targets according to industry, and banning new energy-intensive projects (oil refining, ethylene); government reaffirms commitment despite the current energy crisis (No. 73)

Global Times, 24.10.2021

China announces US $233 million fund to protect biodiversity in developing countries at UN COP 15 Convention on Biodiversity

Held in Kunming (Yunnan), China’s most biodiverse province, the Convention set 21 new goals, which included protecting at least 30% of land and sea areas globally and US $200 billion annual financing (2021-31) (No. 71)

China Daily, 12.10.2021

South China Morning Post, 09.10.2021

Giant pandas are no longer classified “endangered” as China’s wild panda population grows to 1,800 from 1,100 in 2000

As the status of pandas is upgraded to “vulnerable,” World Wildlife Fund praises Chinese government’s conservation efforts, which have also helped Siberian tigers, Asian elephants, and crested ibises to thrive (No. 59)

NPR, 09.07.2021

Guardian, 09.07.2021

Hybrid rice scientist Yuan Longping (1930-2021) remembered for contributions against global hunger, including 16 grain pilot programs in Africa

In Madagascar, seed technology and innovative methods tripled transplanting speed (to 0.3 hectares/day) and yields (to >7.5 tons/hectare) from 2006 to 2019; China trained 14,000+ technicians in 80 developing countries (Africa Weekly No. 15)

Global Times, 23.05.2021

Global Times, 10.12.2019


WHO certifies malaria eradication in China, which shares disease-control experiences with African and Asian countries

Prior to 1949, China recorded 30 million cases and 300,000 deaths annually; anti-malaria efforts began in 1956 with distributing medicine and reducing breeding areas, advancing with the discovery of the artemisinin drug by Nobel Prize-winning scientist Tu Youyou (2015) (No. 58)

Science, 29.06.2021

Global Times, 30.06.2021

Shanghai tested over 33,000 people at Disneyland, hours after being notified of one confirmed COVID-19 case

Visitors were shuttled home after the city’s rapid containment response and no new cases were found, drawing praise from the public; top respiratory disease expert Zhong Nanshan defends country’s zero-Covid strategy as “less costly” than living with the disease (No. 74)

Caixin Global, 02.11.2021

China Daily, 02.11.2021

Science and Technology

China becomes the third country in history to land a spacecraft on Mars after seven-month journey

Zhurong (god of fire) rover will collect data about the planet’s soil and atmosphere over next three months in the latest mission of the Chinese space program, which launched first part of new space station earlier this month (No. 51)

Nature, 14.05.2021

Financial Times, 09.05.2021

China’s FAST, the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope, opens for international research (10% of total observation time)

FAST’s capacity to explore the universe quadruples US’s Arecibo, which collapsed last December in Puerto Rico; Chinese scientists already discovered over 300 pulsars and deepened their understanding of the Andromeda galaxy (No. 46)

SHINE, 31.03.2021

China sends longest-ever crewed mission to Tiangong space station for six months, carrying out technology tests, construction work, and spacewalks

China’s young space program is advancing with six more missions planned next year, including two crewed ones to complete the “Heavenly Palace” space station; European, Russian, Indian, and Israeli missions have failed in recent years (No. 56)

Asia Times, 17.10.2021

People’s Life and Culture

Wang Yaping of Shenzhou-13 mission becomes the first female taikonaut on China’s space station and conduct a spacewalk

Wang is a pioneer in the male-dominated science fields, as government eases age limits and prioritizes funding for women; 49% of university degree-holders are women, but comprised only 5.3-6% of academicians in China’s top two science institutions (2019) (No. 72)

Global Times, 15.10.2021

South China Morning Post, 19.10.2021

China’s youth increasingly prefer domestic culture, values and brands over the US’s, unlike previous generations

Top 10 films in 2020 were domestic, with foreign films comprising 16.3% of box-office sales (vs. 35.9% in 2019); favorable view of US is falling (58-39%, 2019-20) as pride in Chinese development grows (No. 44)

South China Morning Post, 20.03.2021

Chinese social media campaigns erupt in support of Xinjiang cotton, boycotting international brands linked to Better Cotton Initiative

Communist Youth League, official media and netizens are leading the boycott movement, celebrities terminate corporate contracts and #ISupportXinjiangCotton hashtag received six billion Weibo views (No. 45)

What’s on Weibo, 28.03.2021

Museum culture thrives in China, fueled by investment in new facilities, TV programs, and consumer products that popularize cultural heritage

From 2016 to 2020, an average of one museum was opened every two days (totaling 5,788); despite the pandemic, last year’s 29,000 exhibitions and 225,000 educational activities received 540 million visitors (No. 64)

ChinAfrica, 13.08.2021

National Holiday hit, The Battle of Lake Changjin, set to be highest-grossing Chinese film ever, as domestic industry surpassed the US’s in 2020

For six years in a row, Chinese films have exceeded foreign productions in domestic box office, reaching US $3.9 billion in first half-year; country limits imported films (34 ann.) and streaming content (30%) (No. 71)

Nikkei Asia, 08.10.2021

Global Times, 07.10.2021

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No. 74 | 06.11.2021

Workers at wind power plant in Urumqi, Xinjiang, 2018 [Xinhua/Zhao Ge]

Dear reader,

This week, Mikaela Nhondo Erskog spoke with the China-Africa Project, where she provides perspective on historical and contemporary challenges to a progressive African unity and development project, and how this impacts Sino-African relations (in English) .

Dongsheng editorial collective


At the G20 leaders’ summits, President Xi calls on developed countries to lead on emissions reductions and support developing nations

72% of countries with above average per-capita CO2 emissions are advanced economies, while 89% of those below global average are developing countries; as the world’s highest carbon emitter, China’s per capita emissions are only 40% of the US’s (2019)

South China Morning Post, 31.10.2021

Monthly Review, 31.10.2021

Foreign Ministers Wang and Blinken meet in Rome, but Taiwan controversies jeopardize planned meeting between Xi and Biden later this year

While Biden and Blinken made controversial remarks about “defending” the island and its participation in the UN system, Washington maintains official recognition of the “one China” principle; Beijing asserts that avoiding confrontation is an “urgent task”

South China Morning Post, 01.11.2021

National Politics

China implements Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL), regulating the collection, use, and transfer of data to safeguard consumer privacy

PIPL responds to public concerns over tech companies’ data collection, which 98.5% of Chinese surveyed share concern over; high in demand, protection officers are paid high entry-level salaries (up to US $9,830/month)

Sixth Tone, 01.11.2021

Financial Times, 01.11.2021

As vegetable prices surged 28% last month, Chinese government strengthens its comprehensive campaign to combat food waste

As Q3 global food prices increase 25% year-on-year, heavy rains and rising coal prices have affected greenhouse crop production, but impact on inflation remains low; government’s waste reduction plan includes 28 measures from production to consumption, continuing “clean plate campaign”

Bloomberg, 27.10.2021

Global Times, 01.10.2021


Chinese government bonds are included in FTSE Russell index (UK), pointing to increased global investor confidence in China’s economy

FTSE was the last of the top three global indices to include Chinese bonds, after Bloomberg Barclays (2019) and JP Morgan (2020); the yuan maintains upwards trend, with historic Chinese trade surplus of US $634.9 billion since last October

Global Times, 30.10.2021

CGTN, 26.10.2021

Category Icons

Agriculture and Environment

Chinese scientists develop technology to produce animal feed from industrial gas by-products, which could reduce soy imports and carbon emissions

Clostridium autoethanogenum cellular protein is generated from CO and CO2, by-products of industrial processes; technological application could reduce Chinese dependence on imported soybeans (80% of total consumption) and “revolutionize” the reduction of CO2 emissions

South China Morning Post, 31.10.2021

Decarbonization goals will transform manufacturing and energy sectors in China, set to become the world’s largest supplier of energy transition equipment

Producing 70% of the world’s solar panels and 40% of wind turbines, China’s new solar power installations account for 37% of the global total (2020), cumulative wind power capacity grew 35% from last year, and new electric car sales grew by 170%

South China Morning Post, 29.10.2021


Shanghai tested over 33,000 people at Disneyland, hours after being notified of one confirmed COVID-19 case

Visitors were shuttled home after the city’s rapid containment response and no new cases were found, drawing praise from the public; top respiratory disease expert Zhong Nanshan defends country’s zero-Covid strategy as “less costly” than living with the disease

China’s smoking rate needs to decrease rapidly to avoid rising cancer-related deaths in next two decades, says study

Smoking-related cancer death rate could increase in men (44%) and women (53%) in next twenty years, accounting for 8.6 million deaths; smoking rate declined minimally (30% to 26.6%, 2000-16), which government aims to reduce to 20% (2030)

South China Morning Post, 02.11.2021

People’s Life and Culture

79.8% of Chinese people are worried about climate change and 97% support emission-reduction policies, surveys find

Though air pollution and threats of disease rank highest among emissions-related worries, the government was rated the most important actor in combating climate change; one out of 5.5 Chinese people use the country’s 20 million shared bikes in over 360 cities

Global Times, 31.10.2021

China Dialogue, 21.09.2018

LinaBell mascot waves to Shanghai Disney Resort visitors after reopening, 3 November 2021 [Xinhua]

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