No. 129 | 2022 Retrospective – Part II | 31.12.2022

This week we want to share our second year roundup. This time, the content goes beyond what has appeared in our newsletters, which surpassed its 100th edition!

In addition to new productions, our team gave interviews and our articles were published in media around the world. We have compiled this material that contains extensive and in-depth analysis about China and its role in the world in 2022 for your easy access.

For another look back on the year, Mika Erskog, Tings Chak, and Marco Fernandes just joined Li Jingjing on her 2022 Recap livestream

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Wishing our dear readers a very healthy and happy new year!

Dongsheng editorial collective

Special Content

The Crane

In July, we launched The Crane: An Africa-China Podcast,  a tool that presents a fresh look at the news, debates, and history around China-Africa relations, hosted by Dongsheng Collective members Amadeus Musumali & Mika Nhondo Erskog.

Poverty Alleviation in China 

In March, we also launched a series of six videos, for our Portuguese audience, about the Chinese poverty alleviation program, which was published by Brasil de Fato.


This year we continued with our “Explained” series with two important videos that provide information about the Chinese political system and the results of the 20th National Congress of the CPC.


Is the Ukraine War a Prelude to a More Protracted Global War? by Deborah Veneziale on CounterPunch, March 21

US watches as China, Latin America deepen ties by Marco Fernandes on Brasil de Fato, April 9 

Why Latin America needs a new world order, by Marco Fernandes, Morning Star, May 10

Go to Yan’an: Culture and National Liberation by Tings Chak on Tricontinental, May 16

China, América Latina e Caribe na encruzilhada da história by Marco Fernandes on Brasil de Fato, May 27

马可&罗思义:除了西部防线,中国还有一条抵御美国侵略的南部防线 (link with automatic translation), by Marco Fernandes, Guancha, June 5

Winds from Fusang: Art, Multipolarity, and China-Latin America Relations by Tings Chak on Tricontinental, June 22 

China’s path to socialist modernization by Tings Chak on People’s Dispatch, October 26  

Alemania se despega del «desacople» y negocia con China  by Gisela Cernadas on ARGMedios, November 15   

Xi, Biden e as duas bombas-relógios da Casa Branca  by Marco Fernandes on Brasil de Fato, November 20  

No soy yo, sos vos: diálogo y tensiones entre China y EE.UU by Gisela Cernadas on ARGMedios, November 23 

Could China help Brazil overcome its economic crisis?  by Marco Fernandes on Asia Times, November 29

Lessons from COP27: Enhance cooperation of Global South when developed countries continue to default duty by Marco Fernandes on Global Times, December 2  

China’s engagement with African countries helps empower local economies by Mikaela Erskog on Global Times, December 13  

Interviews and Events

In addition to published articles, two members of the team became regular analysts on China in South American media. Marco Fernandes has a biweekly time slot on TVT’s Bom Para Todos in Brazil (see the playlist with all the videos here), and Gisela Cernadas has a weekly segment in Barricada TV, in Argentina (see the playlist with all the videos here).

Below is a list of where we participated in media publications and events in different regions, addressing the year’s most important issues facing China. For another look back on the year, Mika Erskog, Tings Chak, and Marco Fernandes just joined Li Jingjing on her 2022 recap livestream.

Brasil de Fato

Brasil 247

BreakThrough News

By Any Means Necessary with Sean Blackmon and Jacquie Luqman



Code Pink

CovertAction Bulletin Podcast with Rachel Hu and Chris Garaffa

Dosed with Abby Martin

Dragon TV


Global Times 


Meia Noite em Pequim with Elias Jabbour


Opera Mundi


Rádio China Internacional 


Talk it out with Li Jingjing


Twitter threads

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